S3 Ep2-Trappist Beer Travels


In this episode of the She's Crafty Podcast join Catherine for a LIVE Q&A from the Hoppy Monk in San Antonio, Texas with Caroline Wallace, Sarah Wood, and Jessica Deahl. The three authors of the Trappist Beer Travels. Learn about their adventures, the amazing beers and the mysterious monks they met along the way. 
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you're listening to the she's crafty

podcast a comedy and craft beer podcast

taped in San Antonio Texas home of the

Alamo breakfast tacos and the best craft

beer in the Lone Star State



okay hello and welcome to the season

premiere of the shoe scratchy podcast

season 3 which is super exciting I'm

back after maternity leave probably

gonna get super drunk on these three

little taster glasses so hope you guys

are ready to clean up the puke all right

so we're at the happy monk our home away

from home and I am with the beautiful

authors of the Trappist beer travels

book hello ladies I'm gonna just go down

the table introduce yourselves and tell

us a little bit about how you

contributed to the book my name is

Caroline Wallis I'm one of the

co-authors of the book and I also did a

lot of the photography in the book my

name is Sarah wood I'm a co-author of

the book I did not do most of the

photography however I was our like main

interviewer chatter storyteller nice

timekeeper what is important so you guys

started with this awesome beer blog

right bitch B org is that how you guys

started working together did you have

another project before that yeah bitch

career started shortly after a lot of us

graduated college at one point we had

seven co-founders Sam and a lot of us

had written on the newspaper at st.

Edwards University together we were good

Catholic school girls getting back to

this book it really comes full circle

yeah so we started this you know as

women who loved craft beer and rain just

starting to really get into it and

weren't seeing this was back in 2012

weren't seeing as much of a space you

know for us there we decided to start

this blog bitch beer that kind of took

that idea of a bitch beer you know light

fruity beer for girls and flipped it on

its head of a bitch beers for girls and

all beers bitch beer I like that so then

that involved into you guys starting to

write some books ray and I know you have

another there's another book other than

this one the Austen beer book right yes

yes we have a book all about Austen

awesome craft beer revolution starting

back in 1860 when they German immigrants

were coming into Texas and starting to

brew here as a practice all the way

through modern-day Anna I mean we

published in 2013 which we captured

every brewery that was open in Austin at

the time that was our first long format

debut and it was us

oh man it's just such an exciting time

for us yeah started riding with us

shortly after the book came out okay so

it was super exciting to get to to write

a book with her yeah so ok so you guys

decided to do this trap is beer travels

but what inspired you to go around and

do it yeah drinking well Jessica would

you do you want to tell this movie and I

booked tickets for the wrong day today

we're drinking I got pregnant that way

instead of seeing a movie we sat at a

bar and started drinking and kind of

came up with this idea we just I don't

know it's like thinking of the wildest

possible thing we could ever do and

somehow made it happen

yeah a little more romantic than that

like Sarah can probably take this one

yeah it was called a writer's retreat

all the crazy things we could do like

yeah we should go vacation for for an

extended amount of time

yeah and you're a little bit yeah while

we're there we should go see every

Trappist monastery I love that that's

the crazy with the venture that you guys

let's go crazy we did a calming process

oh they're so mysterious and it's just

not a thing that we know a lot about

over here and it's just a totally

different way of life yeah but there's

so much renown around those beers you

know yeah Chimay is giant and they put

so many beers on the shelves west of

Elektra and people claw to get at that

beer but you know relatively little

about most people know relatively little

about the the monks that brew them so

that paradox was really interesting and

really sort of captivated us so shortly

after that day we we sobered up and we

said no this is something we actually

should pursue so we put together a pitch

sent that out to a couple of publishers

see if they were interested it was crazy

then it was crazy yeah we thought so too


that luckily was not the case we heard

back from schiffer publishing on my

birthday actually and we signed a

contract shortly thereafter and then

that kind of set all of the planning

ground all that well set all the plans

in motion yeah so then we started

emailing monks what's that like what are

those emails oh the most polite knowing

that they could be speaking a variety of

different languages and receiving rights

but are we really struggle with this

idea of do we get a publisher first so

that when we approach the monks they

know that we're legit right you know

becoming this is a real book or do we

get permission from the monks to get

interviews and tours first and then we

go to the publisher they know we really

have this access we ultimately decided

that we didn't want to waste the monks

time and that even if we couldn't get

these interviews at least we could go

and write the book from the perspective

of here's what the public can see and do

here even I can't tour the brewery you

can at least go experience the cafe and

try the beers or you know go on a tour

monastic museum at some of these places

so we were really lucky that you know

once we started emailing monks we got

connected with the International

Trappist Association okay and they were

really integral to you know to helping

us facilitate that dialogue with all the

monks and eventually we got all 11

authentic Trappist monastery breweries

on board that's exactly the exciting day

right yeah to know that you yeah when we

actually came up with the idea it was

2014 so tre Fontana had not been

certified yet as an authentic Trappist

memory so they surprised us in the end

you know coming online okay now I need

to make a trip to Rome

Sophie backing off of that what let's

inform our listeners what is an

authentic trap it's buried yeah so to be

considered an authentic Trappist

breweries have to meet three criteria so

the first is that the beers have to be

brewed inside the walls of a Trappist

monastery okay the brewery has to be

done either by the monks or under

supervision of the monks so you know

they can have layman employees or you

know secular staff but the monks still

the head of the brewery and a quality

control in a lot of cases and then the

last thing is that the profits go back

to sustain the needs of the monastery I

think about the communities you know it

could be that 50 or 100 people live at

some of these places sometimes far less

but you know it takes a lot in the old

historical buildings that might have to

get Historical Commission approval

before they can you know really be

renovated those repairs and you know

things cost a lot of money that's really

the main the purpose of these breweries

is to sustain the monastery and any

extra profits go back to support the

community charitable causes they're

another not the profit-making business

right so I can only imagine that all of

this beer travelling led you want a

great adventure right do you guys have

any great any great stories of wild

stories from the road that you might

want to share I mean the monks weren't

as wild as one would think maybe way

older than we did things pretty wild

did you take a trim did you take

somebody to translate with you or yeah

so we we knew we needed some interpreter

some Abbie's the monks we spoke with you

know felt confident they could connect

the languages are they sorry conduct the

interviews in English better than others

okay so we ended up with interpreters

for most of them and that ranged from

really needing a full-on interpreter to

just somebody was there to help with a

few untranslatable you know key phrases

right but yeah we met one of our

interpreters on Beer Advocate a former

biker who was just a lover of American

crafts and we brought in a case of

imperial stouts and IPAs and then a lot

of other interpreters were English

students essentially like wanted ads

most of their terms had just ended we

every Appy was a really unique

experience so we visited all 11 I guess

I should say for people who aren't

familiar with where all the breweries

are there six in Belgium okay two in the

Netherlands okay Austria and then what

Italy okay and then the last one is

Spencer outside of Boston Massachusetts

so it was really yeah variety of things

we experienced along the way we over

shimei we got to go up into a small

plane and take aerial photos for the

book so that was a super cool experience

we spent the night at Rochefort in the

guest house two nights actually to

attend a service there and hear the

monks singing where's already crankiness

between the three of you did you have

any I mean I've traveled with women

before I'm just saying it's a lot of

togetherness into the trip we were like

a little awkward silences

mostly was great all-in-one it's with

one trip or did you kind of divide it up

yeah we took one trip about a month-long

trip to Europe and of course we put in

some you know beer geek bucket list

items that were non Trappist like we

went to can't see on and I went to

Copenhagen and went to war pigs yeah and

the colors and the Three Floyds brewpubs

so we did some other cool things but the

most part yeah this was to visit all 11

Trappist or TripIt so you guys where did

you you just got into a car and decided

to just yep did it we were entered a car

in Berlin and I got everything wonderful

little road trip karaoke any romance

over there no okay took people with you

just had people at home we were celibate

as the monks wah wah all right steamy

romance yeah it felt like a romantic

comedy waiting to be an ongoing joke

during we didn't know what we're gonna

call the book yet while we took the trip

so we kept kept joking that we would

call it drink Pray Love yeah so along

the way were there any surprises or

things that you saw that was culturally

different than the states that you were

really excited to talk about in the book

or I mean really there's so much that we

experienced that wasn't relative

the book did a very thorough tour of a

beer culture in in Europe in general and

I think there's some very interesting

differences in just the amount of

experimentation that you're seeing right

that you don't necessarily see in a lot

of European brewery so you talk to

European beer drinkers and they say they

have this admiration for the amount of

just different styles that we do and

that was a really interesting thing that

we kind of take for granted here you

know like of course of course my brewery

has a Belgian ale going on but that's

just not the case

yeah one fun thing was a lot of the

monks and the you know other people we

met at the monasteries would call set of

craft beers at home special beers

I think of Trappist beer now I think of

special beers oh yeah I hadn't even

thought about that ex million

hectoliters yeah translate that later

and the scale of what you're talking

about so what part of the book are you

guys the most proud of Oh

so everyone have their own go ahead you

have the easy one that I'm most proud of

I'm gonna skip over her if you're not

gonna say it I'm gonna say I am I'm

incredibly proud of the the look of the

book and I mean Jessica again did all

the illustration inside and the cover

which I mean I'm cool to say it because

I did do it inside and out it is a

beautiful beautiful boy

lucky in that I mean I was I was in

another book that Schiffer put out about

movie posters okay I got her call we got

to bring that up which is kind of cool

and we didn't like I had no idea how

open they would be letting us do the

design because they have in-house

designers so we just like pushed as far

as we could and they kept letting

perfect point where they even asked me

pointedly of the entire book oh no I

don't have time for that but we did work

on a Sarah too and we press for a linen

cover with embossing and goal or copper

I just think overall maybe it's not a

favorite part of the book but a favorite

aspect of the book was just being

trusted to tell these stories you know I

mean we the book it was a we did

interviews that every ABI we went to

long multi our interviews most of the

time and we really wanted to I think

there was part of us that wanted to

write this book to begin with you know

we had this reverence already we

respected these monks so much we had so

much respect for these beers but part of

before we wrote this book part of it was

really gonna be our stories of visiting

him all too and the more we really got

into writing it's like our stories felt

silly in comparison you know really

focused on it was really an honor to be

trusted telling the the history of some

of these places that have you know

literally been around a thousand years

in some form or another so it was just

great to be trusted to tell their

stories I really love that it is it's

it's like a history slash tour guide can

a book which makes it fun to read

because it's not just you know facts

facts facts facts facts yeah yeah it's

really fun to read and the pictures are

beautiful and it really takes you on a

journey as you're going through the book

so you guys did a really really great

job thank you

pat on the back ladies we're getting

published that's really awesome and you

guys know all thirty resume it's not a

bad no that's me yeah and it's so

gorgeous that it's not it's nothing to

sneeze at for sure so did you guys when

you did you find that there were you

loved some beers more than others and

were there any that were particularly

special to you I there wasn't a damn one

I didn't like I'll tell you that there

were a few so we had tried almost all

the Trappist beers before going on this

trip so there was one of the huge things

when we got to go to try Fontana in Rome

the newest Trappist brewery was their

beers only build one in Italy so no no

we hadn't tried it no when we knew we

tried it and they brew a really special

beer it's a triple but it they've

they've been growing eucalyptus on the

property there for many years hundreds

of years and it was kind of a

fascinating story because eucalyptus was

there thought to cure malaria and they

were finding that even though malaria

with this was a really prevalent in

ancient Rome or time in Rome people

weren't getting malaria around here and

they wondered what it was and it turns

out at eucalyptus isn't a malaria

repellent but it is a plant that sucks

up a lot of water it requires a lot of

water so therefore there's less standing

water on the property therefore there's

less mosquitos so they have this really

historic tie to this eucalyptus that

grows on their property at the Abbey and

they've been doing I guess a digestif

liqueur with it for for quite some time

and when they decided to open this

brewery as another means to sustain

their monastery they thought why don't

we use eucalyptus that's what we're

known for that was a special beer to get

to try for the first time is very

different than you know any other

Trappist beer you know much let's just

first eucalyptus beer I'd ever had yeah

it was it was a really interesting thing

to try again because I think that

Spencer has a really cool story because

they are an American Trappist breweries

they're the first American Travis

brewery and

recorded history that you know I've been

associated with the International

Trappist Association and they're really

owning like being an American brewery

who also have to be are having to be

Trappist monks like doing imperial

stouts and IPAs you know summer session

IPAs I don't think that's what they're

calling it

so seeing them sort of challenge the

status quo there's no real style that is

Trappist but I mean because so many of

them are rooted in Belgian traditions

right or Dutch traditions they are

representative of the place that they

were brewed and because they are also

technic those styles mirror each other a

little bit they have different little

takes on things but I mean I'm as we'll

talk about more Spencer's the outlier

there we have a pilot program they have

a like a sensory library of all these

different spices that they update and

all their Brewing staff is familiar with

the smells of that and they use that to

inform anything that they put on the

pilot system Wow super super innovative

stuff in terrine especially in the

context of Trappist right and that's a

really interesting that is fascinating I

don't know what the process to become a

monk is I'm Catholic but I'm wasn't

interested in that my work but I bet I

wonder if like landing the brewing gig

is probably like at the top of the list

no that's what we kept wanting to know

and they're just so austere and humble

we weren't really having that out of

them you know we wanted to hear that uh

yeah the being the brewer was the

coolest job at the monastery thing but

as they say they well alright I'll give

it to them I guess

there's no shotgun Friday at the so I

know you guys wrote

you wrote tasting notes right for the

beers how difficult is that to put down

and write down in words like that how

you felt about the beers you probably do

it already right with the pocket I think

it's all red just to not be repetitive

what else can we say about a triple you

know but they are they are distinct

about the history and what makes each

one special they are all different for

me a lot of you know comparison having

several bottles our trip together the

tasting notes are pretty brief I think

they are a good representation of how we

personally tasted them in our personal

notes but also how the how the breweries

want those beers to be portrayed because

I mean as writing this book we have I

think a responsibility to might trade

them accurately and but also to portray

them how the brewery you know as

intended by the brewery mix of our own

vocabulary but with the you know the

tasting notes that they're going for

that luckily they achieve because

they're great beers yeah awesome well

this is so exciting I'm so glad that you

guys come and sit with me at the table

and we can talk about the book let's let

people know where they can find it do

you guys I know you guys have a website

right yeah you can learn a lot more

about the book at WWE Trappist beer

travels calm and the book we are doing

signed copies that will you can order

and we'll ship out to you on the website

so that's nice we're doing some tour

stuff we're gonna be in Chicago in in

July and I have some east coats East

Coast dates

TBD for later in the year but and

generally can find the book sign books

on our website and then you can find it

hopefully at your local independent

bookstore or Amazon Barnes & Noble

anyway my books are sold that's pretty


all right great well we're gonna take a

short break do a little commercial break

when we come back we're gonna try some

of these amazing

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week with beer with Blake beer news on

the she's crafty podcast today I want to

talk about something that's been getting

a little bit of traction in the new

circles around craft beer and that is

the Brewers Association has decided that

there is now a new logo that defines

craft beer as if the multiple paragraph

definition of craft beer being owned by

independents no more than twenty

twenty-five percent ownership by bigger

brands the barrel cap which we also call

this Sam Adams or Sierra Nevada rule

barrel cap conveniently gets pushed up

every time that Sam Adams and Sierra

Nevada increase their capacity but now

we have a new symbol that the Brewers

Association has decided that it's not

going to be mandated

but that 5,000 breweries crossing entire

united states should adopt this symbol

and this symbol in and of itself along

with a marketing campaign paid for with

marketing dollars from each of these

small breweries it's going convinced

craft consumers to drink independent

beer and to drink craft beer and this

logo that's basically the size of two

postage stamps is going to sway the

buying decisions of individuals when

they're in the grocery store aisles in

this in the liquor store aisles and

they're looking at different beers I see

just a couple of problems with this

they're going on on both sides the

Brewers Association things so that it's

great some Brewers are already on board

with it and of course then you have the

rebuttal ABN Bev breweries put out a

video rebuttal to it earlier in the week

late last week basically saying that the

enemy is not ABN Bev and the big beer

brands destroying craft beer but the

enemy is the wine and spirits industry

well everybody's right and everybody's

wrong but I want to talk about why this

new symbol is maybe not the best idea as

craft breweries transition more into

cans as we see breweries at the head

front of Technology and the head front

of the trend and sustainability

breweries like Oscar blues with Dale's

Pale Ale the first craft beer to be put

into a can in the nation Southern Star

brewing out of Conroe Texas the first

Texas craft brewery to be putting craft

beer in a can these two breweries

started it and now we have breweries all

across the nation that are putting beer

into a can it beers better the cans are

better for the beer so what does this

have to do with the new Brewers

Association symbol easy

the new symbol is an upside-down bottle

its incoherent the wording is vague and

it's spread out I encourage you to go

google the the new Brewers Association

craft beer logo it's something else I

don't know what kind of design firm came

up with this thing but it doesn't really

do a great job of getting the message

across and I sure hope that in the

coming weeks

they rethink this so let's talk about

some other issues aside from the fact

that countless breweries are caning

their beer and it's a slap in their face

to ask them to put a bottle on their

cans as a symbol of camaraderie and a

symbol of cohesiveness let's talk about

the dollars involved when you're buying

cans and bottles when you're putting a

new logo out and you're having to get

trade bureau approval State alcohol

board approval every time you change the

design you have to resubmit every time

you have to pay that fee and when you're

about having to buy a hundred thousand

cans at a time it doesn't make financial

sense to be changing the logo all

willy-nilly and adding different things

to your to your beer so let's just say

it takes a marketing firm for the

individual brewery 500 dollars to add

this into the all the artwork because it

has to be vector format has to be able

to shrink it enlarge it so on and so

forth times how many different brands

does your favorite brewery put out when

you go to the grocery store how many

different varieties of southern star do

you see how many different varieties of

Alamo my local h-e-b this little podunk

h-e-b still carries four to five

different varieties of Alamo so multiply

out those marketing dollars and quickly

you can see where the problem arises so

I encourage you to do some reading look

at both sides of the argument look at

the ad InBev rebuttal look at the the

Brewers Association press

release look at what dogfish head is

saying and as always be sure to check

out WWE with Blake comm and also follow

the Facebook page let me know that y'all

are actually listening to me over here

facebook.com slash beer with Blake thank

you again and y'all have a wonderful

week I look forward to talking with you

next week

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okay we're back hello hello hello hello

again okay so we're ready to drink some

beer right oh my god yes um let's drink

some bitch beer yeah so tell me okay

this part what is this first one that

we're gonna try here so this is our ball

one of the oldest of the Trappist

Abbey's located in Belgium in the south

to Belgium and it's a pretty unique

troposphere it has 14 oh my C's it's

kind of a genre bending beer depending

on who you ask it's a Belgian Pale Ale

it's a table beer okay but its its

history is it really important

throughout the history of the Brewers

that worked there they had a German

Brewer and it has some interesting

German hops in it it's dry hopped which

is interesting for an unusual yeah this

beer a good one to start it's one of the

lightest and lowest alcohols of the

Trappist beers okay well like that

definitely we'll start small and get

bigger it the Bible marked on that

earlier with petrol the owner of Hobby

bunk that the bottles are so gorgeous

yeah that's a good point we should do

maybe we'll do a clean taste and save

the dregs and then we can share them in

and taste it absolutely we got a cat by

the bed others took my beer that's my

that's my beer I like that I like this

girl it's beautiful the color is really

pretty on this

like an amazing head retention dragon oh

it's very good it's it's a little it's

kind of effervescent in a way yeah

really nice this fear is the sole

commercial output of the brewery which

is really unique that commercially this

brewery only makes one beer they have a

second beer it's called petite or Vall

or green or Vall and that's a beer that

was traditionally only for the monks to

drink a Peters fear they call it okay

but you can't go to the cafe the

restaurant on site at the end what is

the difference between the two that

one's lower alcohol basically it's like

a or ball like okay well this is

delicious yeah maybe just a tiny bit of

candied lemon peel in there so good my

first exposure to this beer was from

some friends older wiser craft beer

drinking friends and many years ago who

talked about this is just one of their

favorite most perfect food beers you

know they always think about that now

when I drink yes just such a versatile

pairing beer like all the women like

this one yeah I know

all the lady bears yeah well that is

beautiful I love it

yeah a big like tenant of the Trappist

way of life is contemplation okay and so

I always find myself really like taking

my time with thinking about it yeah yeah

taking it in we're lucky enough to get

this one in Texas only a bottles

obviously we don't get dressed like this

in Texas but that's really nice and I

don't think there's nothing we can't get

any of it on draft right is that tomato

some draft and let's wrap just some

draft and Spencer doesn't draft but we

don't get Spencer here in tech I would

find it a draft around town or around

Texas or just at the at the brewery

yeah just at the brewery really you're

gonna find kegs that's only in Belgium

you know we don't get American yeah yeah

that's fine yeah so generally in Texas

if you're gonna find troposphere on top

it's gonna be shimei or less I know

right yeah exporting the US longer as

well yeah but I mean the bottles are

beautiful so get some bottles part of

the whole experience

Travis breweries most of them have the

signature you know patent bottles so if

you look at all the bottles are a little

different they're you know they recycle

most of these monasteries all the

European ones certainly so the bottles

you know come back in or recycling

program and at these larger ones you

know they'll sort to make sure they get

the correct bottles back someone turned

some random beer bottle from some other

brewery and they create them up more

environmentally friendly I like that I

like that want to try another pour and

we'll take you down I know it feels like

we're not drinking a lot but I've done a

lot of these and I I will get drunk off

of three little taster no it's a cool

six point nine which still is not that's

not me nothing to sneeze at yeah yeah

you don't tell me how many I can drink I

like that I like the yeast in the bottom

yeah it has a lot of character it does

yeah amps up the flavor

don't stone the effervescence just a

little bit I mean the model have been

open for a few minutes right it's a

little chewier both good descriptors

well done well done beer book people


like you know what you're talking about

it for adjectives like these by the book

so that I love that territorial you guys

are over your snot did you share clothes

on the trip did you like swap sunglasses

me I do that every day really

interesting because I mean like we are

three young secular American women I'm

writing about I mean these austere monks

and yeah there is a sense of reverence

that we have to have with the book and

Rea how we talk to them how we talk

about it it wasn't totally the whole

manuscript was reviewed by the ITA to

make sure that everything was accurate

and everything was in line but I mean

that puts a lot of pressure on a girl

right well I wouldn't even be allowed in

there so I commend you for going I love

it the rooms didn't fall on us yeah we

had one monk who kind of took us aback I

wouldn't call us bashful people by

nature but he said I googled you guys

okay I've read about this bitch beer

beer for dog doesn't drink beer yeah

bitch beer does not translate yeah I get

that with my family just from the

podcast I had had a family event the

other day and my aunt was like so you

have a mouth like a sailor and I didn't

know that and that's my on-air

personality okay you guys wanna try the

next move down the table thank you my my

keychain can opener our bottle opener

witchcraft Austen

bottle opener you have to have a

keychain bottle opener otherwise how do

you like subtly doing it Patti well I do

do it at the office yeah so did you guys

find that any of the monks are the

people that you ran into were surprised

that there were three women writing a

book about beer okay and if they were

surprised that we were women or we were

like as young as we were whatever the

case may be they were fairly polite and

hiding that surprise okay one nice thing

we were told that westphall letter in

the same monk ooh a google bitch where

he told us that they were starting to

see more and more women come in they're

tasting rooms yeah it's gonna think

about beer and Belgium's just been such

an integral part of culture for so long

you think that probably already be a

pretty balanced space but then you think

about it it's like well they do see a

lot of tourists from all over the world

so that means their clientele from all

over the world are starting to see a

shift for more women you know any

interested in it so that was really cool

to have this cool let's talk about women

and craft beer with them yeah so how do

you guys feel about the the the climate

of craft beer and women do you have

changed in recent years and I think for

the better personally standing up and

saying you know if you're doing

something like tasteless and crass maybe

a little sexist yeah we're not going to

we're not doing it give you a gold medal

for rain for being a dick yeah I'm even

just since we started bitch here in 2012

I think the amount of women we see out

out at beer spaces is just the gender

balance has really come a lot Frank you

know I mean I'm looking around where we

are today and it's almost 50/50 and yeah

it's that's huge I mean we literally

start a bitch here because we were at a

brewery together on a brewery tour and

we noticed we were the only table of

women you know we saw one or two other

women there with their boyfriends or

with husband and we're looking around at

just table

all men you know look around today and

see every table here is mixed genders is

super cool yeah long way to go with you

know especially women working in the

industry man and balancing those numbers

out but the change in just a few short

years has been pretty yeah I know that

for me when we started the podcast it

wasn't necessarily supposed to be about

girls drinking beer it's called she's

crafty but just cuz I have a vagina like

it's not radiates that way but I noticed

over time that it was becoming more and

more about women and craft beer because

women were so excited to have something

to listen to that was made by women

drinking beer and it took us a little

bit of time to be like oh hello you know

you don't realize it I think that when

you live in a culture or you're part of

something for so long you tend to forget

I guess there's somebody dudes around I

guess but then I was like you know what

we did just go to that bottle shared it

with like all sausage everywhere that

just dawned on me yeah every piece of

advertising that you see about beers

like dude right yeah right why do they

drink that girl put on a cardigan for

crazy and enjoy a beer cover that like

we are women running up there or making

podcasts about beer right but it's like

yeah like like you were saying even

started as because I am a woman and it's

novel you know so it's like sometimes

things come up is like why do we always

have to be pink you know right take some

issues with but I'm also yeah

yeah we were talking recently about the

the beer called shoes no we were making

up a thing it was a story this whole

segment of story anybody out there is

women-led brewery that it's named after

women shoes which is fine that's the way

you get into it absolutely yeah cool but

like I don't think that should be it

when it writes to women and beer right

it's a way broader world rang out there

yeah that's your entry point hell yes

drink that beer yes but at the same

token I also don't think that like we

have to we should have to shop for

labels that have like it's gross stuff

on them carrying the torch for all women

everywhere no I'm I'm right there with

you I know let's all fail together okay

so what is the second by the way we're

drinking beer what is the second pair as

you can tell from our babbling about

shoes so this is a what smallest triple

smaller trip Oh what you'll have in the

double which we'll have next

yep where do you stand the triple triple

doubles Abell I don't just tell you when

it comes to pronunciation of things I

don't care yeah sure I'm not I'm not

like the only thing I care about is when

people have really really strong

political stances on Facebook and they

spell things wrong or incorrect then I

might say you have terrible grammar your

point is invalid right

I can't even say anything but when it

comes to pronouncing like styles of beer

I don't care yeah polarizing one the

triple triple I've always been team

triple I'm American I'll just say triple

so I don't sound like I'm putting on a

fake accent yeah the triple and Sarah's

a triple and Sarah's a coleslaw my

nine-year-old son doesn't like that and

I'm like this is real bear the sparkling


yeah that's me cuz I wish it was a rare

deviation for me that I was trying on

Lacroix I try to be true to that but it

is so pretentious for me to be like very

authentic I'm trying to bring it back

home okay you do you think you can taste

this is also you know anyone is familiar

with triples or triples they're lighter

in color right even though it's gonna be

a higher alcohol bump from that or ball

9.5% it tends to be one of my more I

gravitate towards the style of beer for

some reason yeah


mmm-hmm like many Trappist beers this is

this goes through a secondary

fermentation in the bottle which is why

there's so much sediment at the bottom

of it so we'll probably go to mom I

think we're going to go through the sink

sort of practice okay after getting it

clearer than drinking the dregs sorry I

sneaked a second I guess I guess we're

taking second sound my kids are like

that with their chocolate milk this is

why we're like each one of us will pour

for taste right that is that's awesome

no more if someone forced two beers

we're gonna fight the whole way home

there's some well smalla has a cafe

across the street

you can go visit and they have you know

some little snacks and cheeses and

there's two beers but what's the famous

thing they do there that I don't know

how how many other places in the world

will do but they'll blend with her were

there any food at the at the Trappist

breweries at all or no booth did you

have yeah so anything they serve it's

good to say that no Trappist breweries

with the exception of what rap offer

like regular public tours okay that was

a big part of this book and why it was

so special to get this kind of access

okay the monks and do these tours but

what the public can visit is almost all

of them have some kind of gift shop

indoor cafe okay so we did yeah ate it

everyone with the cafe we ate a drink at

and we also ate at the abbey at Roche

for women shaving the guesthouse and

then we were served a couple meals there

that's my favorite thing I mean we had

to be pristine so there's we had like a

whole getup because of

yeah there was walk me through this tag

is it like a wand or they like they hang

it with a white glove where have your

hands bed see rising that maybe it was

cause Jessica's left-handed and so maybe

she was entering or putting her hands in

in away sensor they let you in

eventually were you at one point I would

have been like it's obviously your

sanitizer you're still here so that made

it sound slightly less delicious when

you say that it's really clean but yeah

the Romo was more pungent been real mad

if they're like you're not clean enough

you have to yeah can't be close to my


they sent today they sell the cheese as

part of their is that part of their

income as well the cheese yeah or

they're just courting all that cheese

and eating a lot of cheese nachos every

night of them that's a big part of why

the monks started brewing you know is

they have these vocations that sustain

the needs in monasteries so you'll see

Trappist Abbey's all over the world have

a variety of different trades even some

of the ones that do beer you know they

also do cheese or any jellies or you

know just other interesting things

Spencer does like a liturgical garments

that's you know they make garments for

the other monks all over the round the

you know for those playing at home who

don't know what yeah I don't know what

that is but it sounds like it sounds

like monkish Surgical clothing it's like

their robes and no one's gonna call you

on that like not they're gonna pretend

like they know what you're talking about

that's one of those like yeah but now

you know the dregs and a lot of foam

sorry just a bunch of makes it more of a

party that one's yours all right dredge

e let's see how this that's delicious

yeah you get a lot more yeast character

now right surprising seeing how far it

has to come we're talking about the beer

and they've got like this jazzy music in

the background having a romantic night

with the she's crafty podcast in the

Trappist beer Trappe adultery tone oh

yeah call us with your question that

tells you have some candles I could just

set up this whole thing we could either

we could either be romantic or some kind

of sacrifice killing but either way we

do have a lot of black going on either

way at the show and that's all that

matter I'm just I'm in head-to-toe black

just because I have a baby that's just

try to camouflage everything they don't

make babies we just

life is just so flattering they don't

make pants stretchy enough anymore I

noticed all right let's move on to the

because you're like okay gathered let's

move on to the last one you're doing

beautiful beer obviously we're going to

the multi side yeah yes so tell me about

this one what is this one small double

beautiful brown yeah there's a notable

like savory aroma to this a little anise

yeah yeah some like herbaceous things

happening and then also I don't know I'm

the only one of the writers who eats

meat so maybe only good for you guys


which makes me just feel like a murderer

all the time what you were gonna say is

there are some like some meaty note to

that a little like where's the Shire

almost but in a good way

something like soy thing umami yeah I

don't know if it said I'm watching this

guy across the patio smoke this like

giant stogie but I'm getting a bit of a

tobacco note I think it could be wafting

in from from the crap I don't a Singh

jazz guys he's got it going on do you

guys have you guys ever you cigar

smokers but I'm not a cigar smoker I

can't do it

I've tried I'm one of those embarrassing

people that like did it and it was like

yeah it's so heavy right

yeah yeah I'm not one of the guys I

don't think I that's not me I saw this

whole thing about how guys are getting

upset about the about the Wonder Woman

screening of Alamo Drafthouse and I was

like you could have as many dude

screenings of whatever you want to and

nobody's gonna give a shit watch Captain

America with a bunch of guys as much as

you want to and nobody's gonna get upset

I promise in fact I am begging you to do

that because I don't want to go like a

plus like clap back from the Alamo

Drafthouse when I asked have you ever

had a male-only screening they said we

did screen the entourage yeah and then

our mayor do you see the Austin Mayor

had an amazing response how no women

have invented the mayor did not say this

the original letter was I can't believe

that the City of Austin is supporting

this this is we talk about how any woman

who's ever invented anything appears her

identity must have been stolen because

surely these contributions well what are

you gonna do I'm gonna get real mad for

five minutes then I'm gonna be like I

think orange is the new black started

yeah yeah that's right

what did he do he wrote a letter but

that was delicious I love that I love

that progression that we took that

little journey we took to was really

good for the three I think one of the

key reasons we wrote this book and why

these beers still taste as special is on

were some of that first you know import

beers to America that challenged palates

weren't just export lagers or homemade

you know American light lager is and for

as much as craft beers taken off with

over six thousand breweries in the US

and all of these yes style bending

flavors and influences from all around

the world it's just really cool to go

back to these extremely well-crafted

influential beers that we've I think all

the beer drinkers almost take for

granted a little in the search of what's

new what's hot what's exciting and they

just bears always hold up and they

always deliver yes well ladies thank you

so much for being part of my show thank

you for being on the season premiere

which is yes super exciting anytime you

guys want to come back and have a chat

with me just let me know because I'm

always around and I liked this is what I

do so we can always sit down and talk

about beer anytime you want to let's

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