S3 Ep4- Beer and Tacos with BarbacoApparel

It's all Texas craft beer, comedy and tacos on this episode of the She's Crafty Podcast. Join Catherine Contreras and San Antonio's favorite t-shirt company, BarbacoApparel,  as they dish over Ranger Creek Brewing's Mission Trail and San Antonio Lager; and Freetail Brewing's Cerveza! Find out where their favorite places to get drunk are, how they overcame their traumatic childhoods and why it's not okay to steal other people's queso! Listen NOW! 

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Full Audio Transcript Below:

You're listening to the she's crafty podcast a comedy and craft beer podcast taped in San Antonio, Texas home of the alamo

breakfast Tacos and the best craft beer in the lone star state the she's crafty podcast is sponsored by Barbacoa Peril

Barbacoa peril of the San Antonio based independent clothing line that caters to Texans and Texans at heart

To buy your barbacoa apparel and to find out which events they'll be at next go to Barbacoa Peril calm

Hello, and welcome to another episode of the she's crafty podcast

I'm your host Katherine contreras

and we have a super cool episode today because I'm recording with my t-shirt Family Barbacoa Peril

Wouldn't unison you guys sound like a boyband

Okay, so go around the table. We'll start over here to my right and introduce yourself. I'm a contreras my brother my little brother

and also graphic designer

If you didn't exist either would this business picture? Yeah, well eat it okay, and I'm Richard Diaz

Necie oh, that's right

Other partners, so there's four partners. We're all sitting at this table friends family lovers

I'm super excited because I bought okay, so I brought some san antonio beers

I didn't realize when I went to the store that I got to ranger Creeks

But we're just gonna double down and ranger Creek today pre-professional. Well. I was just trying to get through

The Mission Trail has pretty colors at the pink and yellow right and it kind of goes with the I think it's all

The San Antonio longer and the Mission Trails sort of like they're like cousins. They have like that same great poppy color

Which is really nice and then the other one that I got was from freetail

I got the cerveza the blonde

But I like this cuz it's got like the little collar vetta on the bike eating a chicken on a stick

No, because I'm afraid to eat chicken out of a booth yeah yeah in my life eatin chicken

Everyday you call me and tell me you've gotten food poisoning a travel hard

This is Gonna change Zone next year. I'm yeah, y'all need to

y'all both need to try that if I could eat it in a controlled environment like

or somewhere like that I

Wonder that because I wonder where you can get you're gonna stay year-round, and I don't know like did you get all like San antonio?

Thank you, Matt for nothing

Thanks for no information

do you guys hear that listeners Matt said there's might be somewhere somewhere someplace where you can get it, so

enjoy that

Yeah, okay, so let's try freetail first when it passing the other can because they are a sponsor of this show, shut up

Shut up free time oh, we're taking our

beer tasting cups today are

Dinosaur themed birthday cups little plastic paper cups, so I got a triceratops


Know a lot. I don't what about beer and dinosaurs so fuck you bill died I?

Feel like we should just do let's just say fuck it and do flip cup all night. I'm down

Do you know dude Matt? Do you know how to play football?

Let me rephrase that matt have you ever played flipped up?

I don't like beer pong because

Because the ball falls on the floor, and then it gets dirty and then you put it back in there

Well, we'll see here

This is why this is what you do. You just fill the cups with water and

And when they make it you drink the cup on the side what the has the beer and not?

this is because I paid your beer pong like quite a lot okay, so

No, not really

No, that's a kind of a saturnine people fill the cup water do that so gross we drink a lot of dirty beer

But I have done that too, and that's gross, but yeah, yeah

Like that's kind of like more than you ag thing to do. I feel the water yeah, sir

Mineral Mineral water what she go

Yeah, yeah

Let's taste this cerveza. It's it's like it's a this is what they would call not to get beer douchey on you

But this is what they would call a session beer

Why because you concession it you can drink more than one in one session. That's like all the beers that I drink

Like this is a good like lake beer

Just crush that canister that calf retail. I like to describe the flavors, but I don't know what I'm tasting

It's just a minute smooth. Oh ready. Yeah, that's a descriptor for beer just know that

Way to go

It has annette I'm just saying it's good. Okay. Do you ever want to try it with a taco? Yeah?

What how good do you think let's?

Let's hear the options

So the options are being in cheese carnegie Saba Chorizo and egg or I think Jason has a couple of 20, so would be tonight

I'm gonna go with bean and cheese really let's do we have a knife

these are from

Ultra burke you guys pass it around bean and cheese cuz that's like you know cheese is pretty classic

I mean tell me what you guys think as this pairing the Taco is damn good

It's not a bean and cheese

I think this beer because it's like so light probably is would be pretty good with most things

Right I agree. Yeah, this is kind of a perfect. There's a perfect party beer. I like it

Yeah, that's look that seems a little dangerous

You know we should do that. Whoo. You know we should encourage to ride their bike and eat chicken on the stick

first Jesus

Cuz he just looks like he needs to do that

But he does ride his bike all over the place. I don't know. How his robe doesn't get like stuck in Ma oh

This car he doesn't drive the car everywhere. I think that you're car might be for special occasion. I don't know maybe he'll call it

if you're listening to this recorded

Podcast that hasn't aired yet. He's

Jesus, it's true. He's everywhere especially spurs. Jesus. He's like literally fucking everywhere

Okay, so what do you guys want to try next the mission trail or the saint antonio logger to the Mission Trail that one you?

Mission Trail is from Ranger Creek, and it is a pale ale with 5.3, ABv and

25 Ibu do you guys know what Ivo is no, they use international bitterness units

but it is like

It's very opinion based so to some people the bitterness units feel taste higher and some people that tastes lower

But it basically is just how bitter the beer is

And I've also heard some people say that bitterness units are bullshit

I don't know what are the the chile units?

Just dead bodies

Yeah, I did, too

how many

Wheat listen I try to tell Matt ahead of time not to be offensive, but we can handle it

It's just his way you can't have

You can't handle that noise. This one is for Nydia

So there's totally stone egg in there and woo. I just said something

I didn't say trudy, so I said something else. I did a double are right

It was like it was like. I went for those for them what the single-axle, but I did the double axel instead

So do you guys wanna talk about game of thrones for just one minute?

Awesome, did you watch it? Yes?

The beginning can you believe that spoiler alert don't listen to this?

You're the asshole that doesn't watch game of thrones one time. She was pretty savage. That was pretty awesome right that was amazing. I mean

Yeah, that's what you're ooh yeah, for sure

just like

Kind of like my mom when we were kids when like she'd be screaming at us and then she's on the phone and be like


his Mom

Wow, baby

They have to do the build up like you they can't just you know

Jax make the whole thing in one episode and then then what

Then you were just left waiting for it to be over for the next

six episodes

Yeah, let's do it smells really good. Oh my God. It smells very fruity a little floral Mimi, ooh

It surprised me. I smell do you guys know what leasing is

So lasing is like this see how it leaves like that pretty foam on the side of the class

In a clear glass because these are plot our paper dinosaur cups, but in a clear glass because it looks like soap

You would be able to see it looks like lace on the sides yeah on the side

And if it has like, if it stays there, and it sticks, that's like the sign of a good lacing on a beer

So it's only beer education for you

Is really good I like this one a lot

So this is really weird because I usually don't like beers that have this sort of like um

Hoppy bite to them, but this one has a little happiness to it, and I actually really like it

I taste sweetness a little sweetness. I taste this is I don't know if I could taste it or smell something. That's a little floral

Right this is good goes well with the Judy sonic

Doesn't taste like a pale ale to me though more floor. I don't know why they

I'm chewing ipas. I'm a heavy floral, India


Not all beers are the like so not all of them are going to be asked floral as others probably

They also have double ipas and triple ipas now

So I

Don't know what any of that means, but I mean something. I mean something is someone good company Mm-hmm

Welcome to the she's doesn't know shit

Like this is Gonna be like my summer beer now right it's really good. It's really good and the can is like so cute

It's beautiful right really great colors. Yeah, it's really good

I hate to get this excited about it, but the cervesa was good too like these are good beers today

well, you know I don't want to say that I do this for a living but I

don't because I don't get paid for it, so

Okay, let's try the let's do the same 20 lager now the san antonio longer. I've had before

Not my first rodeo with this one see

And I like this one actually to do you this has been like actually this has been the beer. I've drank most this summer

yeah, the lager a

Lot so I noticed you're pouring these all in new Cups Mm-hmm

Well because we don't want the residue from the other beers to other way at lacing the mix up

We could have rinsed out the other ones without soap

We would have rinsed some without soap because soap looks like a kind of a taste in there

But since these are unless you guys want to use are considered your fine, China. We can save them

But otherwise. I was thinking we were just from the boy, but whatever is that what does that one?

What's your favorite breakfast Taco Richard bean and cheese? Okay beanie cheese all the way really?

He just totally price prices rated that yeah my second favorite

I like bean and cheese, but I really love carne Asada same

with cheese

But I can't but the thing about Carnegie Savas like that's not something you can eat on a day that you have activities

No, I can't

I can't

Go home and sit for a while

Well, Matt rocks a diaper

Whatever. He wants sit on my she's crafty throwed

So if you guys are gonna get tacos, where do you get them from we go to?

Al's Cafe mmm at work. I mean I could eat all nor st.. Mary's. That's my Jam


Um I mean I think it's good I like

I mean, they're butter cause like what they're known for I've literally walked drive by that place like every day, and I mosley

Restaurant, or is that like a drug front I?

Mean it's not fred's fish so no. I mean, it's legit because they're packed on the weekends like the pretty packed all right?

But their vertical is great

I've not tried them in a little but I need to I

Think people that order menudo at a restaurant are very interesting to me. That's my dad is it I like never order

Honest at a restaurant. I just

I don't but I think one time what happened is when I was a kid my dad

My dad served it to me one time with a huge pig hoof in it

Oh yeah, and like ever since then I just can't do it. Oh yeah. I don't do that. I don't do that either

No, yeah, hominy all the way yeah with the sprinkle of like the meat like the fat

But yeah, like why do we have to why do we have to polish it off with a like? It's okay?

If it's in the pot, but like why did they put it in my bowl, right?

Like instead of Parsley. Let's just put this pig hook these tacos are fucking delicious

Right it's on point. It's so good

Santa's 20 lager is really good, but the mission trail is kind of like

Yeah, it's really done it for me

Same tony lager is another kind of like is another session beer probably there's like there's a stigma in

The Craft beer community which were not part of that


Against lagers, why is that well despite the fact that lagers are more difficult to make they associate them

I guess with big beer like Budweiser and like things like that, and so anytime a lager comes out through the Google over

But I mean, they're harder to make

Yeah, they're jerks

Whatever, so these are both the loggers, and then the retail. What is the mission trailer? That's a yeah, it's it's a lager, right?

Extra Pillow, what is extra?

extra extra

It's extra it's extra pay like me

In the during the winter what made just wear pants, and then I take off my I don't

But I put on a pair of shorts

It's extra pill there my legs

It's all extra pair. I love it. Yeah

pretty good

I'm real like I'm real interested in knowed Media's ideas or thoughts on this because you're not a big drinker. I'm not a big drinker

When you do drink you drink, I drink a lot of unsweet TVS

Yeah, but you don't drink alcohol. No, so if I do it's gonna be hard liquor on your

You drink tequila. Yeah, so what's on purpose. Oh my God, so what's your favorite of the hard liquor?

I mean that you what's your liquor of choice?

First of all, what do you guys sitting in smoking jackets on?

You know what I do that. We never get is black, Sambuca. That's pretty good

You're really good. You're like a dirty old man drinker. I try I

Don't know I'm kind of like one of those

People who's all about image. Yeah

No, but I have considered it, but would you yes?

We did like a havana nights thing

Would you be down for that?

Yeah, why about as cigars?

Like weird little glasses that have dart clicker in them. I don't know

of course just a little

a Sprinkle of Communism goes a long way actually

smitty paige yeah

That's really fascinating to me. I hate hard liquor. I can't do it. I'm a beer girl all the way. I don't like wine

I don't like hard liquor. I only like beer well because hard liquor makes me

dumb drunk

like Hug Strangers, and

Laugh a lot drunk, and I don't like that. Yeah, that's the same for me, too

So I'm just gonna drink this bottle

Yeah, and then you wake up the next morning. It doesn't feel

Yeah, wine always gives me a headache. I don't know what's in I don't know if it's the tannins or whatever

But it always gives me a migraine that and margaritas. I can't do my room. I can do marks

They give me like a heart attack yeah like my heart starts racing

Yeah, same here or like my I get I get like heartburn. Yeah

It's weird. I know what's in there that like I don't get girls that are like

I would fucking die like for real

Oh those yeah, I thought you meant like the can where they come like?

I don't like the can ones. I feel like they're just

Probably a marker

Margarita I guess the ones now. We're like the authentic ones where they pour the actual like beer upside down into

I've had those and those are okay, but again like the margarita gives me this sort of weird chest yeah

We need to do more like uncovering of what why that is?

That's why we're just make me feel like I'm gonna die no, but it like speeds up my heart rate or something yeah

the beer

Margarita the big salt room and you're drinking that you like it no song rocks

That's sure I'm really down with that salt weird. - yeah

Oh, well, that's why I drink bourbon Bourbon is my jam. Do any hard liquor

no, I drink like the what is the 1845 of the

Dude, okay, so like a Texas. There's a balcones one I

Don't know if it's bourbon or not. I think it is maybe not

Anyway, there's about Kony's spirit, and they smoke

So it tastes like smoked mesquite mmM. It's called like fire

the Company's called that bologna something

25 here

Ok so what was your favorite beer?

Do you like the Santoni? Yeah? She is?

You'd be really into sours

And I think that you would really love goes'

Cuz those are very like effervescent and they have like that sour feel to them, but they're still a little like I

Don't know. They're like real late champagne II kind of and I think that you would really like that

I do it all the time purpose a lot like goes before hose goes

Gazoo, I say all kinds of weird shake because it literally pisses off people

But it's what I like to do

That's what makes it funny. You moron

Don't listen to my show then why are you listening? That's the real question

Awesome, okay?


Let's take a short break and when we come back

We'll dish on some we'll do some san antonio cheese may

which heard those of you that don't know what that means it means gossip and

Yeah, we'll talk more about Matt's lady drinking habits mmM alright. We'll be back in two. Oh

my God, yes

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love that sound

Welcome to another week on the she's crafty podcast with the weekly beer news segment

sponsored by beer with blake make sure you're following me on facebook.com slash beer with Blake beer with blake comm

if you have any questions comments or concerns, please feel free to reach out to me blake at beer with blake comm

So this week, we do have a couple of interesting news happenings

I'm going to touch on them real quick real light and then I'm going to Soapbox for a minute

So the most notable thing going on into your news this week is flying dog out of Frederick, Maryland

They have withdrawn

their membership in the brewers association

They are stating that the brewers association has passed a new set of guidelines

involving or regarding beer labels and

Brewery Association Brewers association sponsored

Events now this is the second time the brewers association has popped up in our beer and our beer news in a month

So what's going on here?

Well the birds association has come together and decided that

Offensive beer labels will no longer be allowed

In competitions now the beer can still win the competition

But the brewer is not allowed to put any brewers association

marketing on that winning beer

After they win the award and at the awards show it is my understanding that

it would only be the brewery name and not the name of the offensive beer that will be read off and

Sent out in all the Media

flying dog has a history of

Fighting for free speech for breweries now. I'm not saying they're on the right or the wrong side of history on this one

But this is not the first time that they've raised hell

And this is not the first time that they've taken action several years ago. They sued an entire state when they were

They were refused entry because of their raging bitch ipa. I was being defensive they filed suit

I want to say was in, Illinois

they ended up taking a six-digit a

Six-figure settlement offer and turning around and starting a free speech


They also said that with the brewers associate withdrawing from the brewers association

They're going to take the tens of thousands of dollars that they spend there every year

Double it and Donate it to that same organization. It's actually a pretty good read. I do encourage you to check it out for yourself

The other thing that I want to talk about and Soapbox about for a minute is here. We are in july

Roughly july 20th by the time you're listening to this and

What do we see on our local store shelves but oktoberfest?

Mars and Lagers Marsden means March y'all

This is a problem

It's an industry-wide epidemic, and it is wholly unfortunate that burries such as sam Adams



Alamo Southern Star

In a whole host of everybody else all these other 5,400 breweries in the us

Not all but majority are put having to put their oktoberfests on the shelves of a full season

Before it's time for the beer

still 110 degrees outside

It's not I mean mars and lagers nice and refreshing

But come on guys, but unfortunately the way that everything is set up

In the grocery stores and in the bars everybody wants our oktoberfest earlier in earlier

Downside though is when we get time when we actually get to september 16th. Which is the one oktoberfest starts?

Everybody's going to be burnt out on the style. Nobody's going on to

Proper Oktoberfest themed events and all the beers going to be sold out

So that's my soapbox for this week. Thank you all for listening have yourselves a wonderful week a wonderful weekend

Make sure to drink some good beer. Make sure to follow beer with flight comm make sure to follow

facebook.com Slash beer with blake until next week prost

Passion for great Craft beer buy single tickets or check out their group packages for bachelor and bachelorette parties company outings and much much more

Don't drink and drive. Just drink and cruise with craft cruiser for more information. Go to their website. That's a cruiser calm

Those of you that listen to this show know that I am Madly in love with the alamo City

So it is no surprise that some of my favorite beers come from freetail brewing the unofficial beer of San antonio

They make damn good food and damn good beer so hang with the local and check out freetail brewing

For more information go to their website freetail brewing calm

And we're back from break we actually didn't actually go anywhere

We stayed in the same chairs at the same table, but we now have a bowl of cheetos in front of us

I think awesome. It's awesome that they're there. It's awesome that you actually just have these in your house

Don't you do fine, but they love that lifestyle. Do you find the size of the cheeto bag to be infuriating?

Or you get the party size. No I get the party sighs

Did you okay I use instacart sometimes you know I used

Rank, so I ended up getting more groceries. Which is fine, but

The extra charges range, but you were saying that you can do pick up

At my h-E-B which is 1604 Petrenko, or 410 Mr. BรถcK

You can do pick up if you live in San Antonio crazy people get with their h-E-B orders

Like if they were doing just to fuck with people like I need one back massagers for Triple-A batteries

- grapes - grapes hash groups 1/3 of a pound of bananas

whole Grain Oats and

Condoms I guess

Well know if you can do condoms on there. Can you do condoms on there?

They sell them they sell them but you can't do beer and stuff

There's a restriction on

Condoms you could be three

Why would they not want to promote safe sex?

No, yeah, that's true. Well. I don't know in doubt. I think we should order let's just order a shitload of condoms and

Order them under barbecue apparel yeah condoms, Mayonnaise and charge it to the game

Yeah, and like for cucumbers because you have to put the team on something

Can just be a jar or like? What would that? What does that a jar a bottle?

plastic I

Almost thought or like something podcast where we like try to like stick the beer in there see how that tastes

Yeah, next time next time um she's crafty with Barbacoa Parallel Mango, Nada Madness

Yeah, more beer. We can definitely there's there right part of you. Oh, yeah, dammit. You're lazy Richard

Are we gonna get more beer I want to drink more beer? No? Yeah?

There's lots get him do it you want a shotgun it. Do you have your shotgun a beer beer wench?

Do you know a shotgun a beer I do but I'm not your favorite thing that that's not my favorite thing is that my newly?

yeah, I hate it actually yeah, have you done like a

Kickstand I mean when I was a kid

When I was like well when I was like in college

But the thing about keg stands with girls is that it's never comfortable never it's horrible

It's just all hands and some beer in your mouth. No. It's worse like you have to literally buy one

You need to literally be wearing like a like a one-piece pajama with footies in order for nothing to come out

I'm your girl. I did it one time that I was like. I'm never doing that again I

Also crowd surfed one time and then I was like that was a mistake. Oh, really yeah

Just to grab just all hands

For a guy, that's just all hands

Although I never called surf, but I feel like what I think

I mean you want people to hold you up

by any matter

Necessary to make that not prompt style. Did you lose any change did I lose that I changed? I mean, that's like. Yeah, I probably

We're talking to like 90s

So I had like those big clunky sandals on you know what I mean like the wedgie sandals and like a hemp necklace

And my hand my hemp

baseball cap probably wearing a pair of overalls

Yeah, because they're fucking comfortable shit. What kind of coinage were you hauling?

I don't I didn't have a lot of money back

Then like literally this is back when concerts cost like $8 to get into

So I would just find a bunch of quarters in my car seats

Go, and then hope that somebody would buy him a beer or something and that would always happen or go into my little brother's stash

and be like

I'll pay you back five percent over if you lend me enough money to go see the barenaked ladies

I would like obsessive the very addictive ladies back at like in the early nineties because it like before they got all Shrek Ii

Barenaked ladies was travelers if I had a million dollars was the one that

She could eat yeah, yeah

Sugar Ray I wasn't into Sugar Ray I

Know my wrath was I wasn't a mark McGrath. I wasn't into sugar

That's completely different

I was a huge blue Matchbox 20 fan because I thought that that guy

Was the bee's knees you were gonna say blues traveler as a blues, but they went a very short-lived career

Because that guy's super fast was amazing

Oh, that was he loved little bird yeah - princess

Yeah, he loved that song you would like every song you like six or something or seven that was his birthday gift

He wanted song yeah, man. Well, you know it just was a real parallel to the bath life at the time

You come a long way

yeah that

Had the biggest ears as a kid you can't tell him out cuz he's grown into them

But they were like the size of two like you know those things you put under your range and the on your oven top

That's what they look like and I used to tell him when he was little

things that catch like the grease in your oven

He is a tell him not drip pan

I used to tell him not to get into the back of like any

Vehicles like trucks or anything cuz he would fly away, and he believed me I

Used to also tell him that he was adopted a lot. Oh

Yeah, that's like a typical older sister. Yeah, that's three you what?

You sold my through soldiered. Oh you soldiered through okay?

He was he was a shitty little brother. Let's be I don't well. That's the brothers job

He used to do this thing where he would put him one finger on me like this and he would go

I'm not touching you. I'm touching your clothes. I'm not touching you. I'm touching your clothes

I'm not touching you did you ever like 500 times?

Did you have someone the joy any of y'all have?

I had my sisters do this to me a lot when I was a kid where they would do like

And you would like they would put you here like


really, obnoxious

Matt was the stereotypical super obnoxious little brother

I could not date anybody in high school because matt would always be on the other extension of the telephone like they're

Great. I mean you hear his voice like this I

Think so does it now yeah?

the worst the Worst never change

and then you'd be like y'all aren't even talking you're just watching Vh1

Matches like boring how could you

Give us that one minute questionnaire

Though one minute questionnaire. Oh you all want to do that. I do because hey this nice cool question find it I don't

Okay, let's see. What else is on there our ginger is inherently evil

Yes, yes, no no, okay? Are you guys close to a jitter?

No, but I do like gingers

Okay, yeah, all the way. Oh, okay

I'm different you're ginger and different all right well before trump was president the question was trump or Kanye

SoundCloud or iTunes I

Might go with itunes only because I don't use soundcloud that awfully I'm gonna go with Sun club because I don't use itunes okay

Whoa shit? Yeah?

What's your favorite shitty beer?

Even for shitty beers, that's pretty shitty just thank you

What's shitty beer like Corona dos equis anything that's not craft beers I?

Like doe psyches, but my gem is lone star. Yeah see

That's whoa. I mean, it's big beer. It's big beer. It's not lee

It'll give you the right answer because I mean I drink on star a lot so I mean you can get lone star for like

Two bucks a can if we're like a tallboy you can get it like once before like and I know this because a true connoisseur

A lot in that side a dollar like $79

$89 oh

Top way lone Star is probably my go

Bush that's the pricing because you didn't get much of that in college

Or something

and 40s

Do you like the dad of the blue the forties no the lonestar the red lose the light so I knew though?

Oh, you like the hardcore

It's such a like san Antonio South town beer

I feel like it's super easy to drink probably because it's watered down or whatever, but I like it. Yeah

There's nothing around one star. No. I double fist it. Yeah. Oh do you I do all the time

all the time

Awesome Sam, okay. What else is on that?

favorite there mixed drink

no, I love a

Moscow Mule

Yeah, that's good Moscow me other. I think are delicious

but there's so many like names for them that I just don't even know like what's yeah, I used to drink a lot of

Cranberry vodka, what are those called keep cots? Oh?

Yeah, I used to drink a lot of that because you can't really taste the vodka in there

So you can trust alike straight vodka sours

Yeah, I'm not like the girl that leg goes up to the bars like me attacks on the beach

Yeah, no yeah, give me a Starfucker

It's not what's gonna happen

Those are real drinks by the way. I'm not just being obscene. What shots I hate shots

Oh, I mean, I don't like like four horsemen. Early. I'm not in any of

They make me puke well for has been back in the day I

Minor something was that they were pretty strong like one of the strongest job not about now

I don't like to get PP. And they make me feel pukey shots do shots because I'm a beer drinker

So leg a because it's just wrong like that. It's to like strong

As I've gotten older in life, I've realized my limitations and like when I was like when I was younger

I didn't care about my limitations

So I would just do it anyway, but now that I have like a conscience and pry. I don't do it well

I have none of those and so my my my shots are like

like pickle shots some oyster

Shots I've never had a cucumber shot. It's just like

A shot yeah, and I mean if we're gonna be real here like shot. Oh

Yeah, you don't find those very much anymore, but back in the day. What is it Matt? It's like a buttery nipple

These are not real drinks though these are lasers. Yeah. Yeah, they're like shots

So there's that I got real it. Just got real yeah

What do you drink? Where's like where do you go to drink all these shots?

Or go to places to go the same airstrip there like other no I go to brass Monkey a lot

Yeah, I totally rocked it. You like that all the smoke and shit right II know it's not too much monkey Friday nights 80s

That's usually you can find it. Yeah, yeah

rumble also on this

And this those are probably my two favorite hangouts. I know you guys don't really go anywhere, so I can't

That's you know what even still you could really party it out the drop mouse if you want to

Try to get me out of the house because I'm like slightly

Agoraphobic that's sexy yeah. Yeah, it's a challenge. Yeah, well we

You know like leaving the house

We don't actually we leave the house for like

Podcasts and like the occasional beer oven stuff but for the most part we're kind of a netflix hulu you don't mom hbo go person?

To recreate the outside world inside the house. I don't know

Because I've never done a podcast with my brother before let me just

Break it down. How we that's you should have to you one or the other ones?

Oh, that's right, but I mean we've never done a she's crafty episode sing it together

So just for those of you that don't give a shit about my childhood. My mother was like the queen of

Disappointing things ranch she's a queen of big setups and no

This is what my momma do she'd be like Katherine? What do you want for your birthday?

And I'd say oh what I want. I want rollerblades for my birthday, right?

That's what I want and what I would get instead would be a pair of 1963

Plague skates that she wore that she was now giving to me cuz she thought it was sentimental. Oh, but all

my friends were whizzing down the street in Rollerblades

and then laughing at me in the skates like you know what I mean like I wanted a schwinn one year and I got a


Banana seat she would tell you how she went to the store to get you what you wanted and then she decided oh

I'm not going to get that after

I'm gonna get this other very disappointing thing for you

How she would be like oh, we're gonna have for dinner. Yes

Ticket in the other night you'd be like Shakin Bacon, ya

Know but it tastes. Just like it doesn't close your eyes

Just close your eyes and imagine that I know what cave she tastes like

Where she feel like we're going to McDonald's whoo

And then they come back with like three burgers that we'd split between each other with like

No fries because she would use chips from our house and like a glass of water. That was like a quarter filled

Yes, good milk

For you if we wanted to sweeten it she would say put bananas or strawberries in it, but we never had no

It wasn't cause I was allergic to all milk skim or not. Yeah

I was allergic to all dairy time I was bored

So I had a real exciting childhood where I could only read Carob and rice dream instead of ice cream Rock

Yeah, it was it and a couple of times

I thought I was gonna be like real fucking sneaky and like living on the edge right and I'd go to a birthday party

Yeah, give me a slice of pizza, and then the next day I go out the side and the whole body which is

Just like ha I remember being I remember being like a freshman in high school and eating

Something with my friends and I knew that I shouldn't be eating and then later going to the movies women walking outside

They're like oh my God. That's so gross

I think I was probably like 17 or 18 when I could finally leg was okay with dairy


Then this is real where the devil has come after me because then I was fine and now I'm like I'm an adult and I

Can't really do dairy anyway. Oh

I can do cheese and stuff, but yeah

I catch up for all those years that I couldn't have it when Matt was getting like these luscious

Basically sur baskets just fill the chocolate and we're all fuckin Carob and like like real carrots

Okay, like Carob is disappointing care was horrible

Exactly well, I I guess I didn't really know the difference

But I just knew that you guys were super

Excited about whatever you had and not excited about what I had so that made the difference

So is there any like around town cheese? Maybe you guys want to get out?

since we're on Mike


Are you excited about the TRi centennial?

Up to there like the day or the thing

I mean they're coming out with these beers all I think I'm pretty sure all these beers are like and

Like celebration of the Tri centennial I'm excited, but um I've heard a lot of things about it that it's like well

The City should have started earlier

Isn't that just san Antonio's way?

We always wait till the last minute yeah every time I plan an event for somebody, but always like Nobody's

Nobody's tickets, and I was like wait till 30 minutes before the event starts. We promise you will sell out, and that's always what happens

yeah, I mean, I just try to see if

Cool apparel can be a part of it. You know. I mean, we're trying to yeah, that'd be cool get in the game, but

if anybody has any leads

Here's the shadow yeah

For those of you that don't know what barbacoa peril is and if you don't and you shouldn't be listening the show

But it's a it's

A t-shirt company that the four of us do together that is

Total San Antonio, Texas T-Shirts Taco tees

An independent clothing line that represents

You so whether you like it to or not?

so there were the unofficial official t-shirt of San antonio

the original Taco T

The home of the original so if you see a taco tee that looks like it could be worn by baseball player, right?

It's false fiber cause that's that's alternative facts if you see that's right if you see a t-shirt that says puto, San antonio

But looks like it would be worn by somebody that lives in Washington DC. That's not putin?

And I get to see one of those tees in person though, because nobody would wear that

I mean

I don't know. Maybe there are some people that are close to the people that make that shirt that would wear it

You know what? I mean like the first barbacoa parallel shirts were worn by our moms true right? That's very true. Yeah

But then more people bought them

So that's what?

Differentiates us from other people the cousins

The cousins and then and then the cousins friends and then start people heard of giving them as birthday gifts

and now we don't know what happened, or how it's

500 customers

We didn't know yeah, and that was a success, right?

and I was like oh my god cuz like the wonder our first customer came up and like completely got the brand right off the

Bat and

yeah, and then now she's kind of weird cuz

It's I feel really bad whenever I see somebody in public

That's wearing one of our shirts because the first thing I do is run at them

Yo, Matt goes to the door and he's like. Thank you

she's walking, and she's wearing one of our shirts, and I go oh my god as she's walking to the door and

Then she gives me the food and I'm like I'm like

And so then yeah, so I'm being weird I take the food and I close the door

And I when I close the door, I told Media

You know that she's wearing one of our shirts

Cuz I'm another awkward person. Yeah


as a male


Want to be as awkward you want to make sure that

They they always though that you can tell if they're always kind of on guard yeah, yeah

I want to make sure that like you know. They're aware that. Oh, you know no human trafficking could happen here today. Yeah


We're back up, and I'm like hey

We make that shirt

Edgy turns around it just looks like really weirded out and she's like


She runs for the Hills I

bartered some guy at the pearl the other day that was drinking coffee, and I was there with my work and

He was wearing the shirt, and I went oh like I kept staring at him

and then one of my co-workers came up to me and I

Bet he's like sitting there like what the fuck and then I go out told. I'm like oh

I'm sorry. I know like you're I don't know what you're doing here, but you know whatever and I was like

The company that makes your shirt, or whatever it goes cool

Would you mind if I take your picture okay, but he's like made donut like what what shirt was?

Like you're not wearing no

Why do you think you could speak to me? Yeah?

I I've run into people who like I'll see wearing it like a fiesta but but I try to be cool

I'm like oh, and I'll look give him like a look and I'll be like hey. I like your shirt

Can I I won't say like oh, I?

Sure, I think it's cool, and I'm like yeah, and they're never would show up on the barbacoa girls

Yeah, then they show up on like the account like oh, I didn't

Sat next to us

Like what a last moment because I feel like you can connect any moment that I don't

Well if you're wearing Barbra : you, see me on public just know that. I'm gonna Bombard you with my iPhone 5s. Yes

Oh, just my disposable camera. That's right

Just know that that's gonna happen what else you guys what does Barbacoa peril have raisin. I'm asking you like I don't know but

Well, we are

That's right lapel pin

We are collaborating with John Medina of Alamo basement who we love he's amazing shout-out

I'm trying to get him on the podcast, but he said fuck you and your podcast I

Don't like beer. I don't like beers what he said, and I was like dude. That's that's so

he actually doesn't wanna come on the show, but I haven't we haven't been able I've been super lazy with schedule again, but

So I had said he was gonna be on the season premiere and then the season premiere happened on accident so missed opportunity

No, hey, yeah, well I?

Recorded it actually had it scheduled for me and recorded it, and then I was like oh shit

I promised John that I put him on the season premiere and now I think that's why he's a conveniently on vacation for two weeks

That's right. We did we did

always always

Trying to try to stay ahead of maybe people that are also trying to have our business right? Yeah

Maybe who kind of like dipped their foot into my bowl okay, so and then put it on a shirt thought it would sell

Someone who was like you know what we should call these

breakfast Tacos

Yes, yeah

Those whoever that would might be somebody who saw us eating k so at a restaurant. Yeah stop by our table

Yeah, grab one of our chips right took a picture of them

Dipped in our kiss oh, right?

Right this you can't you can't although I'm like what I'm sorry. I'm literally I'm literally fucking eating it right now though

It said my it's in my bowl


Yeah, this is this bowl. This is contractually legally belong to you

No, it doesn't you're right, but if you had to look that up, then maybe you're doing something wrong I

Don't know. I don't know. I don't know I don't know maybe somebody that came by to eat my queso

And then said that they don't know anybody who eats other people's queso

But then I found out that they actually are the queso ators. Yeah, I don't know I

Don't know wait what?

I don't know you guys my case is really important to me

Started eating it you could feed your whole family on queso


Government government this see when you make the kiss-off when you make it come up, and nobody else was making it yet

They want you know your queso

Because they see how much you're enjoying it

ok so so delicious all these other people like it including many media outlets and

huge stores and family members my old family members


You know what? I'm gonna make the queso, and then those people are gonna

Give me a pat on the back for making this original case of recipe. That is not my recipe. Don't forget colleagues who aren't colleagues

Colleagues are colleagues who know me, but don't know me will also eat and defend the case so for no reason

Because I always I always defend strangers case oh

Right because why would I invest in this complete stranger? Yeah for sure so each case though is what basically what we're saying

That was owner if anyone will get this by them no, they won't they won't get it, but it's fine cuz we like queso

That's all we're saying all we're saying is that doesn't want to shirt though I?

Feel like some things are maybe pandering

I feel like if you're gonna

Put something I feel like if we're gonna try to make something that's unique to the city you're in pain

Maybe you shouldn't do generic things the ranks that are not unique to the city yeah, I agree although

I don't think it matters if you're trying to appeal to

a diluted version


I'm sure coming soon out of that like a river with feet on it

all of the good ideas

Don't give away the good

There could be cases

Podcaster oh

You don't even know


All I know is that you may need to edit that idea. I probably well. I might edit some of this case

We'll talk out too

I will say this if there's one thing. I hate it's fucking baseball

The Mission's Island baseball baseball games baseball style shirts that way thing yeah, I don't like wearing

I'm not supporting

Maybe that's maybe if I was but I feel like anybody that's really invested in breakfast Taco is also probably not out there like

you know hitting a ball with

a bat

May be another way, but with a bat. I don't think I don't see it happening yeah, I

Don't know I'm glad we cleared all that up

I think it'd be a good idea. I really had this idea that we could do a line of

Bear County joke shirts yeah in in baseball font I think would be really good original

Mm-Hmm, let's stop there before we give away all our secrets. Okay, so sauce

Yeah, oh, I like it. Ooh

I'm gonna Dominant Instagram that leaner and

Tag some people some queso eaters, and I think I don't know maybe

We'll see how spicy. I feel after this podcast, so I know we have an event coming up right on Saturday

for the first time outside of San Antonio, antonio

I don't remember

What what area of Houston do we now okay? I'm not sure either. We're real good at

enjoy that humidity

Yeah, but and also the last time that Jason, and I went to houston we could not find any breakfast tacos anywhere

what a lot of kolache

So the event is in Houston's iconic silver Street studios, so I don't know what that is

That's that's right interesting it's from yes, hispanic eyes, Texas

Come to the barbecue apparel booth at his bata sighs, Texas

Also, if you can't make it to the event you can always find our shirts. I had whole earth

provisions anywhere in text anywhere in Texas

Also, you can go to our website wwlp.com

Also seen some on ebay. Well, that's true. Maybe

What are they what are they what are they what are they going for an eBay?

The bidding had gone up to like what two dollars

Not bad not free shipping or they have to pay for shipping to okay?

We're buying a taco. That's like two bucks. Yeah

Maybe but like what assholes like you know what I don't want this fucking manatee shirt anymore


Yeah, let throw this shit on ebay. I'm not gonna Donate out. Thank you kid shirt


You couldn't even hand it down Mm-Hmm. Can't give it away

Couldn't even give it a good well, let's um

It was too good for well, too good for the well

Yeah, well

Um anything else let me other cheese, man you guys want to get out before we we wrap this puppy up

You just want to talk all right? Oh shit

it is

Well is it yes?

I feel like it's been hotter longer than that were these shitty summer that we had that was super hot when they filmed

Top chef here


I agree with you

It's although we have some rainy days, so I feel like it lightened up a little bit. Yeah

Like a day two days. Wow who do you want to talk about?

Of course this is the she's crafty podcast all right so today. I read an article ok unwired yeah, and they have

scientists have

altered the

Dna code of an e coli Bacteria

okay to store a gif in the back in the Dna strand and

Like they stored a gift of a guy running a horse like galloping on a horse

What yeah and they extracted it at a later date?

Really cool

Your body's a computer

You mean I could score. I could just store a gif of lame

Can I sir just like my personal photos well they seem like they're in the future? Yeah?

And I access it through what just a blood

Can I just store bullshit? Yes like I'm like the queen of

Screenshotting people's text messages somebody told me recently

Yeah, people somebody's told me recently that

I said the vent to other people don't like look at this asshole

Somebody call me recently though that people can see when you screenshots or text messages

Okay, okay good because that scared the hell out of me

Hilarious I

said screenshots all the day

All I do - jason instead of screenshots all day long what our conversation. Yes?

Of course look at Matt he's such an idiot yeah. I just said it. Did you see it okay perfect? I'm still good

Now it's like on Snapchat yeah. Yeah, I think you can

The person knows that you taking a screenshot yeah

Just be an easier way to share pictures on Instagram like why go through the trouble of setting up a notification, right?

Why not, just let me Sharon let me share it. Yeah

You have so much anger

Wow, you liked it

Yeah, so that's really interesting about the DNa thing. I didn't know that

What a time to be alive, no, let's reverse it, right

Let's go back

It's fight we can all pass his way. It's only five

your Iffy

yeah, DB Weiss

So there is Gonna be

It's Gonna take place in an alternate timeline

And it's gonna it's Gonna start shows Gonna start right before the third American Civil war



like all seasons like 2020

Start auditioning now

You guys get in there. Oh, we play like do this

I'm about to say things I can't take back, so let's just met

Yeah, we would play extras. We'd be the craft services team

How do you know you?

I love how even at your wildest dreams you have anxiety right

even in your greatest

Inside of your like, oh shit



So what's the source of all your anxiety?

That's dig deep

Hey, fuck you

Okay, when I was little I had the most beautiful miss Piggy doll

She had like the beautiful face in a lavender gown she had

Lavender gloves the Satin all Satin that went all the way up to her elbow, okay, matt with a little pussy


Wait, wait, so are you scared of this stuff? No I?

Never did anything

My older brother took remove the head from it and would put either the head or the body in different parts of Matt

But hello. Have you ever been to cured?

Anyway, my dad threw the doll away. It was my favorite though



No, I don't I've never seen I can't member lost some ice on that, cry actually except maybe had some bowel issues

I might have been sweat though it might have just been sweat that leg kind of trickled down to his eye

He's cried. I know you've cried, but I

Think maybe we were kids. Yeah, no. I'm not a crier either

Who cries more between the both a probably me obviously because I'm a woman. I'm not cry all the time


Thank you

Thank you

Barbacoa Peril my little t-shirt family thank you for being on podcast finally and we'll do it again

And we would plan to have a musical guest today, but it didn't work out. So next time. We'll have a musical guest

Thank you for having us

And I got drunk. So that's always a fun time. We should there's another beer barely buzz

All right, all right

Thanks guys the she's crafty podcast has only one mission and that is to

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Catherine Contreras

San Antonio, TX,

Catherine Contreras is a proud San Antonio, Texas native with a passion for craft beer and inappropriate banter. She brings one new and hilarious podcast episode to over 3,000 listeners every week. Each episode highlights Texas craft beer and is filled with inappropriate and side splitting comedy. She is also a proud member of the BarbacoApparel family. A San Antonio based apparel company that caters to Texans and Texans at heart.