S3 Ep7- Altmeyer & Lewis Brewing, Musical Guest Shane Walker

Join Catherine for another hilarious episode of the She's Crafty Podcast! This time, head down the road to San Marcos, Texas where she sits down with the craft beer brewing duo Altmeyer & Lewis Brewing. This week's musical guest is Shane Walker

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okay hello and welcome to another

episode of the she's crafty podcast my

name is Katherine Contreras I'm your

host and we're here at altmeyer and

Lewis brewing and San Marcos Texas

pretty fucking awesome you guys have a

great brewery here it's beautiful

thank you beautiful out here thank you

I'm glad you guys yeah well thanks for

having you guys when I go ahead and

introduce yourself

sure I'm Stuart altmeyer I'm one of the

co-founders and Brewers here at all my

newest the other half the other half

very nice and we also have a musical

guest perfect exactly is that just like

it what it says on your driver's license

okay tell me a little bit about the

brewery and like how much beer you guys

make and all that kenan jeff well

founded in 2013 altameyer and Louis

Brewing Company is San Marcos okay

no we so a little history about stew and

I were actually brothers-in-law were

married two sisters from the Wimberly

Valley Marin a stews been brewing a lot

longer than I have but I I kind of found

a passion for it and and and all truths

he bought me my first home brew kids so

that was okay it kind of kind of got me

rolling and yeah it was in 2013 the the

idea was conceived and you know he was

in a position to be here in the hill

country I was in a position to be here

in the hill country and so we we started

working on the idea and here we are in

2017 and we've been open since November

pretty exciting it's a big fucking deal

with open brewery it's tough right it is

yes it's it's a lot of you know I have a

science background legal background and

had to use every bit of that

then bring in countless other people to

help ya

so you did you started as a Homburg I'm

assuming yeah I started home brewing in

high school

oh shit illegal home brewing yeah under

your bed my mom and dad were they're

into it they were aware I I grew up in

West Virginia okay so I had been in an

incident with a cousin of mine yeah it'd

be the equivalent in Texas of a minor in

possession but okay it all got taken

care of very informally okay good old

days yeah and my mom's response

I guess they changed the law to allow

home brewing in 1994 so my mom's

response was to get me a kit and tell me

not to go try and buy beer at the

kwik-e-mart nice yeah she said um

setting up your future from there dad

that's pretty awesome I've had more than

one guest more than one guests on the

show Tommy that they started by leg

sneaky home brewing under their bed

sounds like like prison stuff like fruit

in your toilet raisins remember what

your first beer silo bread yeah it was a

in this this dates it my mom bought it

from I think in SkyMall magazine it was

the beer in a bag do you remember that

now but it was a it was a bag you poured

boiling water into a hole in okay close

it off shook it up I'm sure there was

some malt extract in there yeah you

shook it up you waited to a cold and the

next day you pitched the dry yeast in


then over the course of the next like

week and a half the bag started swelling

and then the bag also had a tap on it so

you then hung the bag in a fridge and

then you could just like pour beer on

the bag it was thoroughly disgusting was

it how hard was it to get your friend to

drink your you know when your your

anything when you're 17 and 18 we drank

it it yeah had effects you know with

it's stronger than regular beer yeah it

was it was and yeah we there were four

of us it got pretty wasted drinking that

and you know my mom thought that like

we'd savor it over time and then like oh

that you'd like talk about the notes

yeah but at that point it was like you

know this is kind of an interesting you

know this is kind of cool and then we

got more legitimate equipment and I do

speaking that I did get in trouble at

Tulane for brewing in my dorm room the

drinking age was 18

oh yeah they don't they frown on that

yeah be cool the trick age in Louisiana

at that time was 1800 sure but yeah yeah

yeah there's rules against yeah

fermenting in especially boiling large

cauldrons of things in yours yeah I got

trouble one time I went to UT but we got

in trouble for making margaritas

I was like they didn't mind the slip and

slide yeah you can't use the guys

bathroom well my things back then is I

we would go to the Walmart which where I

grew up we didn't have Walmart so the

first time I saw a wall I was like oh my

god this is crazy

yeah but they had three liter jugs of

cranberry juice it didn't have

preservatives okay I would open them up

pitch East poor little off pitch East

and like leave a cap kind of loose till

it got like you know kind of threw its


there was still a little action left I

tighten that lid down and duct-tape it

and I got busted for that too they the

Aria came in he's like what are all I

think they thought I was making math or

something yes it's delicious

that's pretty amazing well good for you

because that means you didn't have to go

begging other people to buy you alcohol

you know hey misters yeah so we got we

have some beer in front of us there is

yeah so this is our first of I think

we've got six samples today

oh yeah doing I'm not driving yeah and

and so Stu didn't want me to pour this

but I think it tastes good so this first

one up is our is our German lager

so it's a it's a traditional Pilsner

style lager and that's something that we

are proud of is that we are completely

Reinheitsgebot compliant I feel like I

need a better accent with that German

pure law of purity so four basic

ingredients than that no more no less

you know everything is step mash through

we ferment we leave our lagers in for a

minimum of 60 days minimum okay and just

check gravity's and watch them and watch

them and we really don't let any beer

out the door unless we're we're good

with it no bio fine no artificial

clarifiers no we don't even use Irish

moss which I'm not like anti Irish moss

or no but just just we don't feel we

need it so wide solution yeah I get a

little nervous I think I caved this back

in April I love it good so yeah it was

like this I you know why I like this

particular is because it's like a beer

for everybody and I think about people

would really love that

you know what and going into this and

he's around here somewhere but our our

father-in-law Gary Brown our stepfather

in law bonus dad is what they call them


step it so hard he is a dyed-in-the-wool

Bud Light fanatic and so we we started

working on recipes and and looking and

we knew we wanted to do lagers anyway

it's Texas it's too damn hot for ya so

we said if we can make Gary Brown drink

our beer and we've done something and

now granted he still carries his Bud

Light with him everyone I mean he

actually had some smash may be pretty

great though if he brought his own Bud

Light you know there's there's so many

beers so many breweries so much

selection and and I like to try all of

them but I want to I wanted to produce

that beer that you would go back for

yeah you know drink three instead of

yeah right so delicious thank you thank

you and that is you know that's the

tough part like everybody you know I

think every Brewer wants to brew

something that everybody wants to drink

obviously if you're the business is

selling right because you want to keep

going yeah but yeah that's the the grand

irony of Texas is that brewing the

lighter lagers is incredibly hard here

yeah brewing a darker you know ale is

very easy here yeah

and so it's it's not easy making that

beer it's a no it's a it's a difficult

process and what that's why I find it so

interesting when I like naturally have

to be part of all the beer groups or

whatever on Facebook and every time

somebody not by choice every time

somebody like puts a lager up people are

like oh the longer yeah and and I heard

that and I go now man this is the few

people people are coming back they're

coming back around you know I hope so

and I think it's important and I think

it's important to have beers like this

because and I know that you and I've

talked about this before but I am

passionate about craft beer and I'm

passion about people that make it and we

can't keep making it and keep drinking

it if we're not making beer for

everybody yeah absolutely well this is

delicious we can get another one

Brigham I'm bringing another one keep

going do you guys do a shotgun Friday

here I mean or at your house not here at

the brewery obviously well yeah no no I

cannot confirm or deny that that may

have happened at the crappers conference

did it

I can arm maybe it didn't either maybe

or maybe not I don't know you guys look

like shotgun Friday people's man we

don't can yet we're not well I mean

that's true you could punch a hole in

the bottom of if you had real

determination we really meant it you

could make it happen by the way that's

our our number one intern chief intern

head of all the energy that's excited

that's a cool intern gig yeah and stored

in my phone he is the redheaded stranger

but his legal name is William Nelson

William nothing we are the official I'm

sure he's a fine guy but it kind of

sounds like a serial killer today well

the first question I asked him how many

people call you Willie yeah everybody

yeah I said I will call you William

no that's nice sophisticated so what is

this one so

Hefeweizen so all cards out on the table

I'm not a big fan of wheat beers okay

and and I know that stew is echoed the

same but I do remember shiners

Hefeweizen yeah that they made what was

96 97 maybe before that the can had the

two-headed man one up one down and I

remember that being drinkable and

delicious and it was I think it was pre

buyout but I thought if we can replicate

something like that to where everyone

can drink it again you know you don't

have to be a wheat beer fan you don't

have to be a Hefeweizen fan yeah this is

something that you know and so we we

tried our best and we realized only

after we had brewed the first 30 barrels

that oh shit yeah well we're glutton

free gluttons for punishment we've

charged into the central Texas market

trying to sell Bock to bars the shiner

on tap and heavy bytes and to live Oh

people I think it's good you know it's

I'm happy I can I actually am a big fan

of heavens but I can taste the banana in

it like really nicely so in in preparing

to brew this beer we did our research we

really figured out where we needed to

ferment it at temperature wise to bring

out more of the fruits suppress a little

bit of the clothes yeah yeah give it

that bubblegum light easy breezy feeling

yeah right a couple different yeast

strains oh yeah

what is that like like what's the

process of like okay we're gonna do this

style so this one was the first one so

almost everything we brew aside from

this I you know

as a home brewer okay you know so you

were familiar with our oh yeah so in in

I was a big F a fan in college and like

just burn myself out on it yeah and like

didn't touch again till we started this

but we you know we have a sabko you know

a little less than half 10 gallon system

by the time and you know finished

product but we would well brew you know

obviously same malt and then but we can

split it between two five two car boys

so we can pitch two different kinds of

yeast do that again with different malts

you know do it again maybe with

different hops do it again but you know

try and keep it to where we're only

changing one variable at a time and then

we taste it you know we ultimately have

the final say is what we want to do with

it but we kind of did very non triple

blind tasting with a lot of our regulars

and other times we try so with the

different carboys that would cover sorry

the you know when we put in the corny

kegs just serve it up homebrew style and

we'd give people three glasses two of

which had the same beer one had a

different beer if they could tell it if

they could correctly identify which two

were the same their opinion counted


truth be told the home brewers were the

worst it yeah they were the worst Joe

smell off the street was way better at

nailing down which to maybe because they

drink so much like homebrew that they

don't have any idea but yeah we really

let the people speak on this one and

they kind of all the people all the

people coming looks delicious

thank you no I don't think I've had one

of your beers that I haven't been like

oh this is shit like they're all really

really good that makes me happy

good well it should yeah yeah well you

make them that's why like since we we

moved in what 20 yeah I think we I think

we had the shortest honeymoon of all

time because we got up and open in

November and then rugged man open up

down the street yeah two months later so

we were the new game in town for the

shortest year we butted in on BS and

Seguin brewing right down yeah yeah then

we kind of coincided with yeah we kind

of opened the same time with off brew so

and then Middleton's been around forever

but I don't think they care middle class

so like whatever bro it was delicious

Calvin very delicious this one has to be

the smash so that's why I know Jason my

husband just drinking and he said it was

really really good that's good yeah

another fan so description wise this is

our smash that so we were here's here's

what happened with this we had Brian

Bush was brewing her down the street at

aqua brew aqua brew does not have a mill

so they have their grain pre milled okay

they got a pallet of grain unmilled and

said this is wrong

we need milled so whoever their supplier

was at the time said okay we'll send you

your milled stuff and they said well

great do we need to send this back mate

well you can't take it back

and so Brian called me and said hey guys

I've got 825 pounds of Rahil and there

are Pilsner that I can't do anything

with I said well I mean what do you and

I'm probably you know Brian doesn't work

there anymore so Carlo can be upset if

he wants I think he was in on it Carla

when I picked it up Carla was there and

I love how you guys assume people listen

to this anyway so we went and picked

this grain up for free and we said okay

we've got we had a simultaneous problem

we were trying to solve two in that are

the double which we haven't had yet tops

out at about nine and a half percent and

it craps the east out so the East is not

suitable for Reap itching and I hadn't

really anticipated that and it it dawned

on me how expensive that beer was gonna

be to make if we were gonna have to keep

buying pitches yeah like what's the

solution like how do we like what how

are we gonna get around the fact that

like this is gonna kill us but we still

want to keep making this beer we get

this pallet of grain and after a couple

days of the life days the light bulb

went off it's like we can make a smash

so inexpensively right and then use that

to prop up yeast for another smash and

that double IPA if we do it right and

keep the ball roll in and keep it going

and so the first batch is mash I really

just looked at it's like an industrial

by-product we didn't even we like get

label approval right away we just know

that around it was like we make that to

make double IPA and there's a bunch of

that left over that that so just to make

sure I don't know smash this single malt

in single hop this is American pilsner

malt and we use Cascade hops there's the

recipe it was the cheapest on yeah so we

put it in the in the tap room here no

label approval I'm not selling it out in

public nothing like that and yeah

totally surprised we almost went through

the full 15 barrels I think I sold three

kegs out of the room yeah we put in this

was back when label approvals taken like

40 40 to 50 days yeah and by the time we

realized like we better get label

approval approval put this in the market

but time we finally got label approval I

think we had three or four kegs left

last like man so we did it again yeah

well of course yeah we had just finished

our first Texas Craft Brewers Guild

safety summit and and sat through a

class on on dry hoppin yes and and I

remember listening very very closely

because I thought this is all important

stuff this is what I need to know yeah

and one of the techniques was talking

about different temperatures different

effects and co2 and not co2 and so we

actually got to play with this one that

was the fun thing this was this was a

toy you know I got to see what what what

it would do at different temperature

and we really liked you know we be dry

hopped it at 50 degrees and it brought

out this this real beautiful like floral

yeah that's what I can I can taste all

the floral notes and it's really good

and then we dropped it thanks Oasis guys

yeah we crashed it down and dry hopped

it again and I think both times it was

what a half pound per barrel something's

about that again dropped it down to 232

whatever we crashed it and dry hopped it

again and that gave it more of the

palatable bitterness yeah and so you

know and it's it's it's it's at 45 I

views I know we talked about I views as

if it's an important number but it's

calculated not tested yeah all the nerds

out there yeah I I think it's delicious

what is that what the ABV on the funding

now about five and a half good that's a

good drinkin beer that's a destination

yeah also calculated it's fifteen

probably but it's funny you know this is

my idea of like a smash as a light easy

beer right and it wasn't two months

later but one of our friends said I just

made this smash and I'm gonna bring some

over and we said okay great and we tried

it I got about a pint in and I was

squinting with one eye and standing on

one foot what is they be I mean yeah

this it's checks in in about ten and a

half eleven and I go yeah that's

dangerous man

so we've been talking about ourselves

how about you that's what this is about

this is about talking about you guys not

me I'm good

that's cool I love talking about myself

yeah you should do more of that thank


oh my goodness thank you very much

yeah doesn't know he doesn't know

anything about me that's why that I'm

doing good I had so many tastings this

week this is my last one and it's so

laid-back cuz I've had I'm Way old now I

think is what the issue is I had a night

of taping at the Bing Bing bar in San

Antonio a couple nights ago with girl

Acoma which was awesome it's like one of

my bucket list things and there are like

a hundred people there for the taping

pretty awesome right but there it's a

band like their rocker so they didn't

want to start to like Ted and I was like

oh suck ah so a guy was are more usually

asleep by 9:00 like it's not that's not

my kind of party but but we did it and

then the next day I felt hungover even

though I didn't drink that much I was

just like I don't know if I can make it

through this day but it's we had so we

had a metal show out here

oh nice yeah it was our second best

night yeah in the brewery like we had

our Grand Opening which was amazingly

good monetarily speaking it was awesome

right right right right we want to do it

again with it go did you get out did you

did you get a good cry I'm a bit of a

metalhead myself I know you know not

it's not for everybody but we had a

great crowd but in setting it up we were

talking to Gilly Salazar with Morehead

Rex and he said

yeah man if we can go on it like 11 can

I go yeah this is unincorporated County


and I don't know yeah we gotta like call

the neighbors I like that yeah it was

surprising to me because I just knew

them as Ranchers and yeah kind of you

know there anyway it's a Cowboys but

yeah yeah and they all showed up with

like Omar's a dentist

Omar's a dentist yeah they all rolled in

with like vintage late says how many

dead like they all rolled in a cowboy

hats tight jeans with in like vintage

metal sure it's well you know I grew up

in Katy which is like outside of Houston

and the 80s which is was the worst

possible time to be there and there were

a lot of cowboys but they were also like

metalheads everything that was it it's

either you're in George Strait or death


there was like no in-between make sense


and everybody with a mullet yeah I'm

from from outside of Pittsburgh don't

hate on the mullet I mean everybody's

gonna have everybody's got their till my

private school made me cut the hey

what's this next I can it smells already

I can smell the like dark this is our

dark deliciousness so everybody knows in

Texas that shiners King we wanted I

don't want to say challenge that it's

not a challenge it's not a challenge

watch your Bob shiner yeah you know we

were playing around with recipes and and

yeah this was like our first like real

collab like we both brought stuff your

table we didn't like we didn't really

have so we're like let's start with

something we don't we aren't doing

ourselves and we started working on this

one and then it kind of took off and

yeah this is one we're like we kept

drinking it out before could go places

so it was like truth be told when we

brewed the first one here's like this

isn't gonna be commercially viable

because of shiner but I just want it for

the grand opening

yeah I want to drink it myself yeah and

I want to brew it on the big system so

I'm doing it we just threw that Hail

Mary we didn't even reuse the yeast I

think in the first time we just like it

was a one-off

yeah and then it sold out and we

realized we got a when we had people as

well I mean how are you gonna sell that

against China yeah

everybody I go yeah I mean that's that's

that's valid yeah well because I feel

like if I have a choice and I love

shiner my altering shiner but it's not

the one that I'm gonna go after like if

I would probably choose y'all over

getting a shiner way I'll put it this

way if I'm gonna drink six to eight

beers on a boat I should probably stick

with the shiner and not drink this one

that's true okay so on that note

actually listen I always do this as I

think it's fun if you guys let's say

there's no craft beer around right what

are you gonna what are you gonna drink

okay I'm a freak whiskey I mean like

beer like it what trash beer you're

gonna go for so are we talking can we

have imports or we Tony whatever


Eddie whatever big beer what it just

like if I got cash I'm gonna buy some

spot and their pollen or like a German

import okay okay less cash I'll go to a

Heineken and I'll take that Heineken and

I'll put it out in the Sun so it gets a

little warm okay I want to cool it down

a little skunky flavor okay

but then after that Miller High Life yes

okay why I mean I just when I'm outside

the confines of the state of Texas ya

know the other night we're talking about

it too and I was up telling people that

I can't smoke pot anymore cuz I went

like I lived in Austin it looks like all

you did in the 90s even drink I just was

like I know to never ask a lady her age

but I'm 41 and I turn into a lightweight

yeah that's what it is

it feels like like it still happens but

it's not me yeah it's not fun anymore

there's a real fine am I having a heart


why did you say something to me in the

night 45 minutes why is everything in

afraid I don't I don't know but you know

at least I've gotten to the point cuz

when I was young I wouldn't have given a

shit if it was working for me or not but

now obviously yeah now I'm like I

probably could die I blame I worked a

job for a number of years where I wasn't

supposed to smoke and I blame you can

just leave he's brought us he's brought

us some beer I would hire him if he

didn't have a better oh nice yeah you

want it yeah you wanna get him the so

Urich hello there how's it going

you're a homebrewer yeah you lived here

in San Marcos well I used to live here I

just moved up to Kyle ok unfortunately I

apologize but like right up next you

have to get you close to it gotcha ok ok

awesome cuz it's audio and people want

to hear ok good

but yeah I've been kind of in this area

for a while and back in 2011 I think it

was Middleton brewing started up yeah

out in Wimberley and I got to know the

owners there Dennis and Kim and we they

helped us organize a homebrew club the

Hill Country warthogs back then I was

just doing partial mashes

some some extract brews and stuff like

that but Dennis was they had a little

home brew shop there

but Dennis invited me to come back into

his brew house and taught me all grain

and so I started brewing all grain with

him and he's a damn good Brewer had a

lot of just interest in Belgian beers

which I hated Belgian beers at the time

but once he started to really teach me

the the the intricate details of Belgian

beer I really started to fall in love

with it and so that's one style I love

brewing but I'm all over the place I'll

brew anything that I can brew yeah but

right now it's like I just I just sit at

home I brew brew I've got working on

house recipes right now maybe one day

I'll be in competition with these guys

yeah fortunately that's what everyone

keeps telling these guys here for being

able to do it what do you think about

all Meyer & Louis Brewing Company love

it German actually the my favorite beer

he's looking for a free tab ya know the

the Pilsner has always been one of the

type of beers that I've always wanted to

brew this is the epitome of a German

Pilsner to me this is what I really want

to brew someday and so being able to

come here and see these guys do it is a

great way for me to try to learn and

brew it where's my free tab I keep

coming here and I'll keep learning with

these guys maybe one day I'll have a

free day and I come brew with them

apologize for these day I don't even I

get off it work I get off at 4:00 I

might have you that by going at 7:00 so

well I might come up all right sounds


most definitely glad I could do it yeah

keep it up the good work this is

irresponsible it's about to get

cray-cray on this podcast

that's better we do have eber uber does

come out to all Martin Lewis Brewing

Company so that'll get me back to a

hotel today I'll come back to Wimberley

okay so what is this one so this is our

our double IPA a double IPA a multi

mouthful of hops that accent at nine and

a half percent ninety-five IBUs it's



so don't say anything bad because this

is this is this one baby

oh is it I'm not taking anything away

from Stukas you help me push it along

they could be your baby this this

actually is reminiscent of and based off

of the first all grain beer that I burn

okay and then like I said when Stu and I

started doing yeah I think I got I get I

got you that home brewed it's so get off

on a tangent a little bit I'll come

right back

but for Christmas my wife and I always

my wife likes to sit out a budget yeah

and then I don't see things that way I

better know if I find a product you get

a bouquet yeah and so like that year I

like like Byron was interested in

brewing and had been up to the house and

all that and I was like Byron gets a

brew kit my wife's like that perky

there's like 10 times more than we're

spending on everybody else like I don't

care I just ordered it it just happened

that happened know I've been talking to

stew and I knew that he was making beer

at home but I I think I spent probably

six or eight months reading the joy of

home brewing bruisin home brews Bible

anyway I'd been talking to stew about it

and and I hadn't been so my background

is former military and still currently

and I wonder if I should have now you


anyway as your fake counselor I would

say just go anyway I also work for the

Houston Fire Department I I didn't have

any money to buy a home brew kit yeah I

think I was I might have still been in

the training academy when you bought

anyone had no money he sent me a

homebrew kid I was at home while my wife

was at his place in West Virginia okay

and I'm sitting around one day on my day

off in my underwear and the doorbell

rings and it's the UPS man I got the

good one-two with the glass carboys

learn the hard way plastic buckets are

crappy man I was gonna start down that

path yeah that was so you got that then

and then it was the big family the our

wives family have a big reunion in

Memorial Day and so by Memorial Day you

had beer in in corny kegs kind of took

off I think so at first and back to it

the first prototype of this was in one

of the corny kegs and it was delicious

so yeah so here's I I think I might have

some obsessive-compulsive disorder not

quite sure all right

that's fun at a party yeah

no no so I was I got the home brew kit

and it came with a an Irish stout okay

all malt extract they come by default

with the amber but I call in this back

before they sold out I called the

Midwest supplies guys I was like man

that Amber is BS we got a stout is like

it's wintertime give me this down

so I brewed that did you do it correctly

the first time we've done home brewing

one time right look like I have of

course cuz I do these grand ideas of

having like this fucking like just a

room dedicated to us home brewing yeah

yeah you know but we did one home brew

like two Christmases ago and we were so


about the way that we did it that we

were just like it was like a brown ale

it was like a hazel nut brown ale or


and he probably if we did it properly he

was like oh we're supposed to put sugar

in it no like how much sugar needs like

I don't know and we're just like doping

shit in there roll-ups in there and it's

it tasted like beer so we thought that

was a success perfect

I taste notes of maybe meth I don't know

what's in here but it's perfect

sprinkle yeah one of the worst home

brews that ended up turning out alright

I did in law school with a buddy mine

who's now the elected prosecutor for a

small county outside of Chicago but we

got blacked out drunk before the brew

was done and it had sugar additions at

the end and honey additions at the end

of the boil pack and Hailey I'm ratting

you out buddy here comes Casey listen to

Texas but yeah we got blacked out drunk

and his hat is in his apartment and

neither one of us remembered finishing

it off like but when we woke up it was

in a plastic bucket going perfect you

know there and it was going so we let it

ride and and that thing just kept going

for weeks and weeks and weeks it just

would never stop and it finally stopped

we crashed it a little bit we let it

warm back up

we added some priming sugar and we

bottled it without tasting it we're like

yeah this is a weird one we'll just see

it'll need aged we let that roll for

about six months in the bottle we'd open

up one every now and then and just like

oh my god what was that and something

happened it like a year where it was no

longer a good beer but it made excellent

steak marinade nice it was dark roasty

how it got a little salty I know that

without your daughter that was my

daughter tweet and I said of course

sweetie you can come sit over here and I

go wait a minute no you know wait can I

tell you I have four kids

so and my kids go to a very conservative

private school and they know I do a beer

podcast which is stupid and sometimes

they go to school my daughter seven and

she's like my mom loves beer she's

always I'm not always drinking beer then

at the grocery store and my son well in

a crowded place look up and say dad did

you remember to transfer the the

Hefeweizen over I go son you're five you

don't need to know this yeah the nice

part about actually owning the brewery

like now that that's a thing with my

daughter's school which it makes you

more cool like if I could I could

probably roll in in the morning drunk

and they'd be like oh he's just probably

it's probably part of his business yeah

I think the thing about kids it's really

funny is it

so my podcast has 18,000 listeners but

my kids don't give a shit 16 and she had

an internship at a magazine this summer

which is part of like you know the perks

of having something like a pot chancery

can get your kind of internship and her

boss was like hey what's it like to have

a mom that's like a celebrity in the

beer world and she was like she's not


she's like I don't drink beer so yeah

pretty well luckily maybe I guess I

haven't felt the whole rock star we're

huge in Europe I'll pause it aside

partying with that dude for like 36

hours would be a fucking blast if you

live through 48 yeah crochet so I

promised you five samples I don't even I

don't even know what you're saying

anymore there's two very high ABV little

Joker's in that

that hand a five-car all five my entire

right hand delicious we're paying you to

say that let's let's go to shade for a

minute yeah right yes okay so first of

all before you before you start before

you start playing tell us a little bit

about like what kind of music you do and

how you got started and all that jazz so

I was in a band in college what was the

name okay exciting it was a lot of fun

or was it like a hard life yes well then

my band broke up yes

was it a chick she went the girl she was


so I went to Guatemala for I didn't

expect that turn but okay

naturally yeah


oh are you a teacher now currently okay


okay okay what what grade level Oh


god bless you yes just a shitty it yeah

yeah fuck those kids that's the worst

age ever yeah what's that you did teach

high school yeah yeah so what are you

gonna play for us


scribble little poems out of all your

bad mistakes spiders don't get

heartbroken then get headaches have a

little tiny sin on the head of a

ballpoint flying off the handle when you


and off of the page even notching boom

down swinging just to wake up to the

ringing of the iron bells when I am

is all that you're holding the only

thing I see is name


he could make you bow your head but

never make you breathe

incidental magnetism of a cathode ray I

was quoting from the novel in you only

ever really saw the film

flying off the handle and flying off of

the page every night you go down

swinging just wake up to the ringing of



razaw that you're holding me only thinks

he is name


you are all you are is hello


okay we're to take a little break we'll

be back in just a few minutes welcome to

another week of the she's crafty podcast

beer news with beer with Blake well our

exciting news this week is that we had a

hurricane slam into the Gulf Coast home

of countless breweries several down in

Houston several down in Corpus and then

some raining and flooding in Austin but

nothing nothing too terrible right there

but this is beer news this is not the

weather news I'm not a meteorologist I'm

a professional drinker so what are we

going to talk about this week let's talk

about some of the amazing ways the

different breweries and bars around the

state of Texas are banding together to

help out the hurricane victims I'm gonna

use this week segment highlight some of

the cool things that I've seen so far

going on across the state first and

foremost huge shout out to Oscar blues

many years ago they established what's

called the canned aid foundation CA n

apostrophe D and what they do is they

can drinking water from their breweries

and they send it to folks in need

usually hurricane victims I want to say

they sent a lot of water up to Flint

Michigan last year when we had that

going on great terrible charitable cause

if you need a link go over to

facebook.com slash beer at the Blake and

there's a link to donate over there

pretty awesome cause if you're looking

to send a pallet water a pallet of

bottled water from Sam's or Costco is in

the neighborhood of about 500 bucks

Oscar blues can send an entire pallet of

canned drinking water directly from

their breweries to the hurricane victims

for as little as 248 so you can

definitely make your money go a long way

and help out a great cause and these

folks do it nationwide in fact they're

projected to send more more canned water

than Miller Coors and just slightly less

than anheuser-busch who's been known for

their hurricane efforts in their hand

drinking water for years and years I

know when I personally was a victim of

the Hurricane Ike in 2008 the Anheuser

canned drinking water cans came in very

handy as much crap as we may talk about

big beer

they sure do step up in a big way

another cool couple things that I've

seen locally be sure to keep up with

your local bars and breweries as they

are doing all sorts of donation drives

guadalupe brewing a new braunfels has

several different boxes and they're

pulling together donations retail

brewing was actually going to do a beer

release next week for Labor Day

they move the release up to this week

they're going to be taking donations and

trying to send some pallets of water on

the the Silver Eagle distribution trucks

to Houston to help out so just just be

apprised of what your local community is

doing in different ways that you can

help out 8:1 you're brewing down in

Houston right in the heart of the

afflicted area they actually have a

military 6x6 truck they were there

you've been using it for high water

rescues getting people out of out of

their flooded homes and on to safe and

high dry ground so major props to eighth

wonder brewery Kings beer house did

something really amazing they have a

plan in place to help all their

displaced employees their employees that

have lost their belongings their homes

in addition to that they were able to

open up last night but they weren't

charging they wanted their community if

you could get there safely to go and

have a beer it's all volunteer based and

they limited you to one beer in two

hours or their doors were only open for

two hours but as a show of solidarity

for the community to help people come

together and they open the taps for two

hours last night free of charge they

didn't take a single penny

any donations made went to charitable

causes to help folks rebuild sports

stars are sending a lot of money

gathering different things so just be a

prize of some of the different ways that

you can help out the hurricane Harvey

victims I know our corpus buries Lorelei

rebel towed lazy beach are coming

together they're going to be doing a

collaboration beer that should be coming

out before too long and I believe there

may be one in the works for San Antonio

breweries as well to help our friends to

the south a lot of attention skiing

focused on Houston right now but we

can't forget that Rockport Fulton Port

Aransas Iran's is passed corpus and a

lot of low-lying areas in between we're

also severely damaged in some cases more

damage than what's on Houston just not

the flooding so anyways check out what

you can do locally go to beer with Blake

comm and or facebook.com slash beer with

Blake find that Candide foundation link

be sure to do what you can help out our

brothers and sisters in need I'll have

hopefully some happier news for you next

week until then talk to you all later

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explore craft beer in our area we'll

look no further

craft Cruiser is here to save the summer

and cart you and your friends all over

San Antonio and the hill country from

local craft beer bars the best breweries

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brewery tour in town it's a family-owned

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beer buy single tickets or check out

their group packages for bachelor and

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much much more

don't drink and drive just drink and

cruise with craft cruiser for more

information go to their website si

Cruiser com


those of you that listen to this show

know that I am madly in love with the

Alamo City so it is no surprise that

some of my favorite beers come from

Freetail brewing the unofficial beer of

San Antonio they make damn good food and

damn good beer so hang with the local

and check out Freetail brewing for more

information go to their website Freetail

brewing calm ok so we're back we're

gonna play a game with the audience

right and I should have okay so the game

today we're calling B Rio ki and I asked

you guys to come up with three songs

right three country songs that are about

beer and the winner is gonna win a seat

on a special craft Cruiser tour that I'm

gonna host okay what's your name my name

is Vaughn where are you from Leslie's

those drivers actually gonna give you

this mic so that we can have an actual

conversation how long have you been

living in San Marcos 51 weeks now I

moved here on August 16 yeah just Mike

even on that was pretty bad yeah the

worst part of it is that there's no end

in sight October November will be super

hot no that's true yeah and then we get

like a small little window and then it

goes right back to be like the craft

beer scene here is enough enough to make

up for the terrible summer heat okay so

what's the name of your song well when I

was invited to do this I was told it

supposed to be country songs so I picked

the probably the quintessential country

song okay Garth Garth I was gonna say

Garth Brewis sorry guys

Brooks Garth Brooks I did I did a little

most famous song oh you guys are judging

by the hops in the grain days all my

pain but my favorite thing to do is

gather my friends and my mercedes-benz

and head to what Meijer Louis cuz I got

friends etc etc do we have to go I would

drop the mic if I didn't know what was

gonna happen okay okay number okay

what's your name no not you okay Colleen

and where are you from KY also have okay

we have a country song from California

that's done by the Beastie Boys oh

that's right before she's proud we do

country and California that's how she's

just okay let's hear their new in town

she brought us down knows the thing to

do is drink


okay one more who's next

by that I mean that like the choice the

choice is getting hard the choice is

getting hard




come on Tony yeah you got it

it's okay okay what's your name

whoops where are you okay where are you

from I am from Wimberly from Wimberly

okay all right so no song poetry okay

let's hear it so why should you drink

from the school from the sink when San

Marcos loses its all on one 23 on the

way just again I tasted dreams in the

hops and the food locals not lost

friends not the frost San Marcos would

learn San Marcos will turn that my beer

is not simply a drink it will bring me

to close to the brain page to page two

and my friends my beer by the heart and

number so this tap ever part omar lewis

is here for the sole alright okay so you

guys you want to take a minute to

discuss it

what is the price structure not that you

matter okay so the winner gets two seats

on San Antonio craft Cruiser in a for a

brewery tour that I'm hosting can we get

a fourth entry

come on yeah you want to do it do we

have one more actually while we're

sitting here on where can our beer

friends find you guys on the internet

Facebook aunt Lou grew a ltle wbr ewc oh


and that that applies also to Instagram

we're at aunt Lou brew on Twitter that's

right number four give me your name

Roberto Roberto where are you guys from

San Marcos Odie from San Marco that's

cute oh geez nice okay so okay so let's

see all right you guys want to take a

minute and discuss it do you remember

them I want to award all participants

yeah first place and get them a seat on

that craft Cruiser Wow I think that's

dan dan if you can make that Dan us one

just pick one of your favorites and I'll

never forget him he brought us our first

gift well he brought us a gift on our

grand opening


but now we're now we're playing this

game where we're not judging on on the

actual performance at hand I tell my

brother all the time I'm like that's it

I have no idea of we if we hand the next

part of this I tell my brother I don't

know I saw my brother all the time I'm

like I don't even know how we're still

in business and our parents aren't the

same people that's true and at least you

can like bond and like in love so I what

I want to do is I want to get a

transcript of Tony composition stop

being so ok animal enough let's let's

pick it let's pick a winner Roberto

longtime fan and we've supported some of

his causes you would make a great

politician I'm thinking about running

for San Marcos mayor heads up no we're

judging on this judge decide to do a

fight to the death should we do you were

spoiling Game of Thrones the other day

for me I'm a week behind on Game of


no spoilers on this podcast I'm out I'm

just this is what happened Knight full

disclosure I was 1 or 2 and if he saw

Glee - then it's 2 - yeah ok number two

the California's she's crafty so come on

come on man who claims credit for that I

don't know

yes absolutely

I have two spots on the bus you guys

want to go together okay perfect okay

well I don't know what happened to music

he's done he's done with that he's had

enough was taking a break from his music

so no no we're gonna bring it you're

gonna play no I know you're good you're

good man you're good real fast you guys

tell me what you have coming up here at

the brewery that we can let our

listeners know mouths

see sparse production I will start

brewing hopefully if everything comes in

this on Monday Tuesday we will do our

Munich lager which is our placeholder

for an Oktoberfest it's yeah it's an

Oktoberfest style beer but it'll be a

munich lager and not a true Mart's and

and then maybe this winter we're doing

well we're down well we're gonna run in

the stout but we're so we have our

Hefeweizen is our seasonal okay the plan

as it stands right now is to cut that

October first and bring back the red

yeah okay which which had a lot of

compliments last last fall I'd like to

run the stout yes see if we can do that

see what a reception is on that and then

yeah go from there head through the

winter you know we've got the the four

core brands we've got the German lager

the Bock the double IPA and we're going

to continue running the smash the smash

is actually so that'll be a series yeah

we right now we have the smashed Pale

Ale okay the next the next keg out will

be a smash pale bitter more of a British

style and then we'll get into our for

Easter I've got a egg okay that sounds


I have there's nothing I love more than

egg clear the chicken the chicken beer

kid can't wait for that one

all right okay shake real fast tell

people where they can follow you in find

your music your music calm you can

listen to tracks see where shows happen

ready to play another song okay what's

the name of the song hang on let me get

my bad I gave my love a chair even head

knows can we do some Third Eye Blind


all right here we go let's see


the sweetheart of the cool Incred let it

all go to your head


the world wrapped around your finger I'm

not a songbird just a singing birds like

sheep music lands eat not flying off the


scatter in the sky


in brand-new clothes long as the


no one asks no one cares patching nails

to see you


the words back sheep music lands even

notes flying off the page scatter in the





songbird just to see

thank you thank you guys thank you so

much that was awesome thank you yeah the

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Catherine Contreras

San Antonio, TX,

Catherine Contreras is a proud San Antonio, Texas native with a passion for craft beer and inappropriate banter. She brings one new and hilarious podcast episode to over 3,000 listeners every week. Each episode highlights Texas craft beer and is filled with inappropriate and side splitting comedy. She is also a proud member of the BarbacoApparel family. A San Antonio based apparel company that caters to Texans and Texans at heart.