Someone is Making Fake FB Events for Epic Bands in San Antonio and I Can't Get Enough!

Someone in this crazy upside down world is making fake Facebook Events for things like "Incubus at the Luby's on Walzem" in San Antonio, Texas. I'm scrolling through my FB feed only to find that one of my sweet, unsuspecting, friends as clicked "Interested" for "Tupac's Halogram at Ingram Park Mall Food Court". me crazy, but I have a sneaking suspicion that those senior citizens getting their fried fish on at Luby's, probably don't have one clue who Incubus is...yet...there it is, right there in my muther truckin' new's feed; so, it must be true, right?! Who is this person creating these events?! How do I get you in my life boat?! Call me!!