Best Beer Books to Read on the Beach

Summer is here and it's time to head to one of the many Texas beaches for a little sun, fun and relaxation. We've compiled this list of the best beer books to read while you tan on the beach. 

1. Trappist Beer Travels

From the official press release: Schiffer Publishing, Ltd., would like to introduce you to the first American book covering all 11 Trappist breweries in Trappist Beer Travels by Caroline Wallace, Sarah Wood, and Jessica Deahl. Trappist Beer Travels provides complete coverage of abbey histories, beer profiles, and travel tips in Belgium, Italy, Netherlands, Austria, and the United States. (

2. San Antonio Beer 

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Brewing history and beer culture permeate San Antonio. The Menger Hotel and its bar notoriously frequented by Teddy Roosevelt and his Rough Riders began as the city’s first brewery in 1855. The establishment of San Antonio Brewing Association and Lone Star Brewery at the close of the nineteenth century began the city’s golden age of brewing. Decades later, the Volstead Act decimated the city’s brewing community. Only one brewery survived Prohibition. Those that bounced back were run out of business by imports coming in on the new railroad. The 1990s saw a craft comeback with the opening of the oldest existing brewpub, Blue Star Brewing Company. Today, San Antonio boasts a bevy of new breweries and celebrates its brewing heritage. Grab a pint and join authors Jeremy Banas and Travis E. Poling for a taste of Alamo City’s hoppy history. (

3. 101 Things to Do with Beer (Yum!)

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Take your love of the suds to the next level by infusing your favorite libation into breakfast, lunch, and dinner with 101 Things To Do With Beer by Eliza Cross. With recipes for appetizers, breads, soups, main courses, sides, desserts, and sweets, this book will help you add some “hop” to every meal. (

4. Fifty Places to Drink Beer Before You Die

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Purchase on Amazon

What is the most unforgettable place you’ve ever taken a refreshing sip of a cold beer? In Fifty Places to Drink Beer Before You Die, Chris Santella explores the best destinations to crack open a cold one, reflect on the day, and take in the scenery. The book features the world’s top locations for imbibing, from beautiful landscapes to beer festivals, breweries, classic drinking establishments, and brand-new, under-the-radar spots. With a mix of national and international places to visit—Asheville, Denver, Prague, Munich, Vienna, and more—as well as firsthand accounts from contributors such as Jim Koch (founder of Boston Brewing Company/ Samuel Adams) and Joe Wiebe (author of CraftBeer Revolution), this book will make you want to trek to each must-see destination. Packed with beautiful, vibrant photographs that bring each locale to life, Fifty Places to Drink Beer Before You Die will leave you craving barley and hops and eagerly planning your next trip. (

Catherine Contreras

San Antonio, TX,

Catherine Contreras is a proud San Antonio, Texas native with a passion for craft beer and inappropriate banter. She brings one new and hilarious podcast episode to over 3,000 listeners every week. Each episode highlights Texas craft beer and is filled with inappropriate and side splitting comedy. She is also a proud member of the BarbacoApparel family. A San Antonio based apparel company that caters to Texans and Texans at heart.