5 Beer Koozies We F*cking Love

It's almost summer and I want my craft beer looking it's best.  It's time to tell your canned beer to dress for the job it wants, not the job it has...I don't know...something like that...Check out these five awesome koozies I want to shove in my bag and take everywhere:

5. I'm pretty sure the "D" stands for "Dunkel"....right? I mean, what else would it stand for? Buy it on Amazon for $6.99 here http://amzn.to/1W5SWR6

4. It's a bear with deer antlers. Get it?! BEER?!!!...Whatever, I thought it was hilarious. Buy it for $6.49 from Coolie Junction here http://bit.ly/1rkxj2B

3. You guys! YOU GUYS! I'm pretty sure this is what Jon Snow uses. Find them for $10 on Etsy here http://bit.ly/1rkxj2B

2. It's LITERALLY a necklace you can keep your beer in...and not in a gross pearl necklace way...in a totally rad, "I'm gonna drink all night" way. Buy it for $15.00 on Etsy here http://etsy.me/1TtiCRG

1. Let's not mess around. You're crafty as f*ck and so are we. Buy it for $3.00 from the She's Crafty Podcast here http://bit.ly/1SXu6PZ