How to Drink Beer Like a Girl (and not give a sh*t)

Ladies, it's our day, our time! Our mothers and grandmothers marched and fought for us...They stared society in the face and demanded equality! it's our turn to capture our own moment. We can vote, we can run for President, we can dominate Fortune 500 companies...NOW...let's drink like we earned it! Put down that Moscow Mule. Throw that Cosmo in the garbage...It's time for you to start drinking beer like a muther truckin' girl! LOOK GRANDMA, I'M DRINKING A STOUT! I'M CHUGGING AN IPA...AND I F*CKING LOVE IT!

5. Talk about it.

Spread the word of craft beer love to all your girlfriends. Share your favorite beer with them and encourage them to spread the love too.

4. Don't let it intimidate you

There's nothing more approachable than beer. It's not an exclusive club and anyone who's snobby about it shouldn't be in your life boat, anyway. Try as many as you can and don't be scared to ask questions. Craft beer is probably the most delicious thing you'll ever experiment with. Don't stop until you find the ones you love.

3. Visit breweries in your city and meet the people that make the beer.

Keep your beer local, fresh, and made with love. Visit local breweries in your area and try their beer. Meet the brewers, take a tour, and see how your beer is made. I promise, it'll taste even better after you do.

2. Ignore the haters.

Remember that one time, you went on that date with that one guy, and he shamed you for drinking beer? Forget that guy. Just like Jon Snow, he knows nothing. While he's sipping on his red wine, you're drinking beautiful, hoppy, liquid gold.

1. Shotgun that sh*t. Just once. Do it for me.

Grab your favorite can and shotgun that sh*t. Do it for every woman in this country that feels trapped in a world of white wine and lady like cocktails.