AUSTIN, Texas (June 29, 2017) — The Texas Craft Brewers Festival, the state’s largest beer event focused exclusively on Texas-brewed craft beer, returns to East Austin's Fiesta Gardens September 30, 2017. The event, which is organized by the Texas Craft Brewers Guild and co-presented by Whole Foods Mart and Craft Pride, will feature more than 65 Texas craft breweries with nearly 200 handcrafted beers available for sampling. "Showcasing beer exclusively from small, independent Texas breweries, the Texas Craft Brewers Festival is a celebration of an industry that continues to thrive and grow," Texas Craft Brewers Guild Executive Director Charles Vallhonrat said. "We love bringing together new breweries and perennial favorites from across the state for our craft beer fans to enjoy in a relaxed, Texas atmosphere.” Kicking off Texas Craft Brewers Festival weekend this year will be the addition of a new event—Partners in Craft. Promising to be a uniquely Texan celebration of collaboration, this intimate evening sampling event highlights the close-knit camaraderie and community-oriented spirit of the Texas craft beer industry with a unique lineup of handcrafted Texas beers brewed with help and inspiration from a wide variety of community collaborators—like other Texas breweries, musicians, non-profits, artisans, and more. Held in the courtyard on the East Side of Fiesta Gardens, Partners in Craft will also feature local food vendors, live music, a variety of local artisans presented by the Austin Flea, and a beautiful view of sunset on Lady Bird Lake.

TICKET OPTIONS ( Now on Sale!)

•VIP: $75 (☆12PM access☆)

Includes: Commemorative tasting cup | 8 sample tickets | Commemorative festival T-shirt | Souvenir festival glassware |

Two hours early entry for first access to beers & quality mingle time with the brewers.

•GA (Early Bird Rate): $30 (☆2PM access☆)

Includes: Commemorative tasting cup | 8 sample tickets

Each sample ticket is redeemable for a 3-ounce pour.*

Special Early Bird Rate available before August 1st. After that, GA tickets are $35.

• TCBF DESIGNATED DRIVER: $10 (☆2PM access☆)

12PM access permitted if accompanying a VIP ticket holder

Includes complimentary non-alcoholic beverages & snacks.


Friday, September 29th | 5:30pm | Fiesta Gardens East Side

Includes: Commemorative tasting cup | 8 sample tickets


Partners in Craft:

Friday, September 29th | 5:30pm | Fiesta Gardens East Side

Includes: Commemorative tasting cup | 8 sample tickets

Texas Craft Brewers Festival 2017 Participating Brewery List:

(512) Brewing Company • Adelbert's Brewery • Alamo Beer Co. • Altmeyer & Lewis Brewing Company • Austin Beer Garden Brewing

Co. • Austin Beerworks • B-52 Brewing Co. • Big Bend Brewing Co. • Black Star Co-op • Blue Owl Brewing • Bluebonnet Beer Company

• Braman Brewery • Brazos Valley Brewing Company • Brigadoon Brewery & Brew School • Buffalo Bayou Brewing Co • Cedar Creek

Brewery • Celis Brewery • Circle Brewing Co. • Community Beer Company • Flying Man Brewing Company • Four Corners Brewing Co.

• Freetail Brewing Co. • Friends and Allies Brewing Company • Holler Brewing • Hops & Grain Brewing • Idle Vine Brewing Company •

Infamous Brewing Company • Jester King Brewery • Last Stand Brewing Company • Live Oak Brewing Co. • Lone Pint Brewery •

Lorelei Brewing Company • Martin House Brewing Company • New Braunfels Brewing Company • Nine Band Brewing Co • No Label

Brewing Co. • North by Northwest • Oak Highlands Brewery • Orf Brewing • Oskar Blues Brewery Austin • Pedernales Brewing

Company • Pegasus City Brewery • Peticolas Brewing Company • Pinthouse Pizza • Rabbit Hole Brewing • Real Ale Brewing Co. • Red

Horn Coffee House and Brewing Co. • Rentsch Brewery • Saint Arnold Brewing Company • San Gabriel River Brewery • Southern Star

Brewing • Spoetzl Brewery • St Elmo Brewing Company • Strange Land Brewery • Texas Beer Co • The Collective Brewing Project •

Thirsty Planet Brewing • Thousand Oaks Brewing Co. • TUPPS Brewery • Twin Peaks Brewing Co. • Uncle Billy's Brewery • Whistle

Post Brewing Co • Whitestone Brewery • Zilker Brewing Company. (list subject to change)

Yo San Antonio, Your Beer Sweetheart is Back for Season 3

Yo San Antonio, Your Beer Sweetheart is Back for Season 3


The She's Crafty Podcast is a comedy and craft beer show taped in San Antonio, Tx. Join Catherine Contreas on her drunken Journey to beer knowledge. 


Catherine is a San Antonio native. She was proudly raised on pan dulce and chimse and is majorly obsessed with good beer. As the host of the She's Crafty Podcast she travels around the great state of texas to get all the scoop on the latest beers and brewers...but, she always brings along her wildly inappropriate humor and unfiltered opinions. 

Panifico Unveils a Puro Pan Dulce Food Truck with Puro Beer Awesomeness

Panifico Unveils a Puro Pan Dulce Food Truck with Puro Beer Awesomeness

John and Edna Miggins, owners of Panifico Bake Shop, are excited to announce the unveiling of San Antonio’s first Pan Dulce food truck! All of that delicious Panifico Pan Dulce in one truck! The truck, named 2Sueet, will be making it’s grand debut on March 25th at Freetail Brewing on S. Presa. The event, named Puro Pan Dulce Pachanga, will have delicious beer paired with pan dulce straight from the truck. Also attending as vendors are SweetCraft Jewelry and BarbacoApparel. 
Come spend the day and cure your sweet tooth with the first ever rolling panderia!

There are two ticket options for this event or enjoy fresh pan dulce directly from the truck!

Pan Dulce Pachanga $15: Two pan dulce samples paired with Freetail’s Local Coffee Stout and a complimentary Puro Pan Dulce snifter glass

Puro Pan Dulce Beer Flight $20: 4 Freetail Beer Samples paired with 3 Pan Dulce samples and one cookie. Includes complimentary Puro Pan Dulce snifter glass


Puro Pan Dulce Pachanga

March 25, 2017


Freetail Brewing

2000 S Presa St, San Antonio, TX 78210

Eventbrite link: puropandulce.eventbrite.com

8 Tips for Surviving the San Antonio Beer Festival

8 Tips for Surviving the San Antonio Beer Festival

On October 15th, the 11th annual San Antonio Beer Festival will once again open it's gates to thousands of thirsty beer drinkers. Floods of ravenous tasters will file into Dignowity and Lockwood Parks on San Antonio's eastside. But...will they survive the lines? Will they drink every craft beer sample? Will they make it to the beer pong and giant seesaw?
o worries. She's Crafty is here to help with a step-by-step guide to surviving this year's San Antonio Beer Festival. No crying into your empty taster cups, folks. Your craft beer 411 is here.

Branchline Brewing Company - Tap Room Grand Opening and Bottle Release

San Antonio, Texas- What are you doing the weekend of August 20th? I'll tell you what you're doing, you're getting your ass over to Branchline Brewing Company in San Antonio, Texas. 

One of our favorite breweries and She's Crafty: Drunk for Teacher educators were recently
approved by TABC for a brewpub license. 

What does that mean? It means you can drink your beer and take it home too! Right from the brewery! 

Our buddies at Branchline are going to open their brewpub to the craft beer loving masses on August 20th. Beer enthusiasts can come to the brewpub from 2-9pm to get their fill of golden brewed heaven, both on premises and to take home. " The celebration will have a few specialty cask-conditioned ales, a few new small batch releases, and year-round and fall seasonal favorites". (Branchline Brewing Company) 

On the same day, Branchline will be releasing it's first "brewpub exclusive" release that day. This new brew will be available in 16.9 oz specialty bottles, crowlers, and growlers...and guess what? You can take that sh*t home. 

Wondering how you'll find the time to enjoy all this craft beer awesomeness? No worries, Branchline has you covered. They're expanding their tap room hours to be open from 2-9PM daily from Tuesday through Sunday each week, starting August the 20th. 

No excuses, y'all. Get your Texas craft beer loving asses over to Branchline Brewing, this month. And grab me a growler...or two.  

Branchline Brewing Company is located at 3633 Metro Pkwy, San Antonio, TX 78247. The brewery tap room is open to the public every Friday (4-9PM) and Saturday (2-8PM).  Beginning August 21, 2016, the brewery tap room will be open 2-9PM daily every Tuesday-Sunday.


Shocking Places to Get Craft Beer in San Antonio

We all know about the good ol' standbys for craft beer here in San Antonio...but, I was shocked as sh*t to find out that some of these places had craft beer too...Check out my list of shocking places to get craft beer in San Antonio. If you know of more shocking places to get craft beer in San Antonio, put it in the comments and I'll add it to my list! 

Earl Abels

You can get your fried chicken with a side of Busted Sandal or Alamo Beer! Are you as shocked as me?! I hope so. 


Say what?! Yes...you can get local craft beer at Seaworld. That is some crazy sh*t. 

San Antonio Rodeo 

Rodeo, San Antonio!..and do it with some f*cking Freetail! 


Say, what?!!...Yes, you can get local craft beer at select Walmart's in San Antonio. Do it, ya'll. 

Valero- 421 Valley Hi Dr. 

This Valero has a shockingly good selection of craft beer. Get your gas and your brew at the same time! 

Toro Taco Bar 

Not SUPER shocking; but, still worth mentioning that they have delicious f*cking tacos and sh*t load of local Texas craft beer. 

8 Texas Craft Beers I Can't Live Without-Summer 2016

It's going to be a long and hot summer, ya'll. This crazy Texas heat is already starting to hit us and there's only one way to survive it...BEER.

Here are a few Texas craft beers I'm taking to every party, every bbq, every float down the river...

You can find these delicious Texas craft beers at the following websites:

Shady Oak from Branchline Brewing,  10 Ale from Busted Sandal Brewing, Dry Hopped Berliner from Ranger Creek Brewing, Yo Soy Un Berliner from Freetail Brewing, Bombshell Blonde from Southern Star Brewing, Tighty Whities from Cedar Creek Brewing, El Hefe from No Label Brewing , A Pale Mosaic from Hops and Grain Brewing

5 Game of Thrones Characters That Need to Drink a Beer with Me

Admittedly, I have a small problem...some people might call it an obsession. I am a Game of Thrones addict. I wait patiently for the next episode. I research theories and spoilers...I imagine riding a dragon like a scene out of the Neverending Story...So, it only makes sense that I would fantasize about drinking some beer with these amazing characters...

How to Drink Beer Like a Girl (and not give a sh*t)

Ladies, it's our day, our time! Our mothers and grandmothers marched and fought for us...They stared society in the face and demanded equality! it's our turn to capture our own moment. We can vote, we can run for President, we can dominate Fortune 500 companies...NOW...let's drink like we earned it! Put down that Moscow Mule. Throw that Cosmo in the garbage...It's time for you to start drinking beer like a muther truckin' girl! LOOK GRANDMA, I'M DRINKING A STOUT! I'M CHUGGING AN IPA...AND I F*CKING LOVE IT!

5. Talk about it.

Spread the word of craft beer love to all your girlfriends. Share your favorite beer with them and encourage them to spread the love too.

4. Don't let it intimidate you

There's nothing more approachable than beer. It's not an exclusive club and anyone who's snobby about it shouldn't be in your life boat, anyway. Try as many as you can and don't be scared to ask questions. Craft beer is probably the most delicious thing you'll ever experiment with. Don't stop until you find the ones you love.

3. Visit breweries in your city and meet the people that make the beer.

Keep your beer local, fresh, and made with love. Visit local breweries in your area and try their beer. Meet the brewers, take a tour, and see how your beer is made. I promise, it'll taste even better after you do.

2. Ignore the haters.

Remember that one time, you went on that date with that one guy, and he shamed you for drinking beer? Forget that guy. Just like Jon Snow, he knows nothing. While he's sipping on his red wine, you're drinking beautiful, hoppy, liquid gold.

1. Shotgun that sh*t. Just once. Do it for me.

Grab your favorite can and shotgun that sh*t. Do it for every woman in this country that feels trapped in a world of white wine and lady like cocktails.

5 Beer Koozies We F*cking Love

It's almost summer and I want my craft beer looking it's best.  It's time to tell your canned beer to dress for the job it wants, not the job it has...I don't know...something like that...Check out these five awesome koozies I want to shove in my bag and take everywhere:

5. I'm pretty sure the "D" stands for "Dunkel"....right? I mean, what else would it stand for? Buy it on Amazon for $6.99 here http://amzn.to/1W5SWR6

4. It's a bear with deer antlers. Get it?! BEER?!!!...Whatever, I thought it was hilarious. Buy it for $6.49 from Coolie Junction here http://bit.ly/1rkxj2B

3. You guys! YOU GUYS! I'm pretty sure this is what Jon Snow uses. Find them for $10 on Etsy here http://bit.ly/1rkxj2B

2. It's LITERALLY a necklace you can keep your beer in...and not in a gross pearl necklace way...in a totally rad, "I'm gonna drink all night" way. Buy it for $15.00 on Etsy here http://etsy.me/1TtiCRG

1. Let's not mess around. You're crafty as f*ck and so are we. Buy it for $3.00 from the She's Crafty Podcast here http://bit.ly/1SXu6PZ

5 Thing You Can Do With Bud Light

You had a party and told all your guests it was BYOB. That was your first mistake. You only have yourself to blame for that....NOW; because of your poor decision making,  you have a case of leftover Bud LIght. Well, OBVIOUSLY, you're not gonna drink it...but, you're not a wasteful person, so here are 5 things you can do with it. 

5. Use it for beer pong. 

Your good craft beer doesn't deserve to have dirty balls in it; but, I guarantee that Bud Light is used to it. Dirty balls are just another day at the office for a case of Bud Light, and if cups spill and stuff gets crazy, it's no big deal. If you get some puke or grass in there, you were gonna dump it out, anyway. 

4. Give it to your redneck neighbor 

You know who I'm talking about. That one guy with the lift on his truck and the Confederate flag sticker on the back. That guy will think Bud Light is liquid gold. It's a huge step up from that Keystone he's been chugging. Don't be surprised when you catch him peeing on the side of your house, though. Once he breaks the seal, there's no stopping him. 

3. Pour it out for your homies 

Don't waste good craft beer on sentimental symbolism. Use that leftover Bud Light. The only thing it's really good for is saturating the soil.

2. Regift it 

Ugh. Another baby shower?! And you don't even like that girl. Why is she having a shower for her third baby? Doesn't she already have everything she needs??!!! You can't afford to keep up with this girl's greedy reproductive system. No biggie. Here's a case of warm Bud Light. She deserves it. 

1. Use it as fake urine 

Did you meet that special someone, only to find out they enjoy a different brand of sexy? No need to worry. Use your Bud Light as a pee decoy. It looks and tastes just like urine, they'll never know the difference. Just don't get any in your mouth. That would be gross.